3 Ways To Stick With Your Workout Goals

If you are thinking about starting a new fitness routine in your life, you will need to plan for it. There is a reason that some people stick to their routines, and others don’t. This is not because they necessarily have better willpower. Often it is because they have planned well for their new routine, and have entered into it with a very realistic mindset. 


Here is how you can create a fitness routine that you can stick to. 


1. Be Realistic With What You Want To Achieve.


If you are comparing yourself to people have spent several years devoting hours each day to their gym routines, stop. You are destined to lose heart very quickly when you don’t suddenly start looking like them in a short space of time. 


Find your own reasons to get fit. Maybe you want to improve your general health. Or maybe you want to feel confident in yourself. Whatever you want to achieve, make it your own goal, and do it for yourself. 


Set yourself reasonable objectives. Small steps are going to be the best way to motivate yourself. 


2. Work Out What You Will Need. 


Before you start off on your fitness journey, head to a reliable sports shop like godashsports.com and get yourself kitted out in clothes that you will feel comfortable in when you are exercising. 


If you are joining a gym, it is very easy to feel self-conscious when you first start going. This is something that many people experience, so you are certainly not alone. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Doing everything that you can to improve your confidence and comfort levels will be important, as this will help with your overall motivation.  


3. Move At Your Own Pace.


When it comes to your fitness, you need to move at your own pace. You might look at others who can run further and faster than you, or do more reps at the gym. But at the end of the day, you might be at a different point in your fitness journey to them. 


If you can only manage a few minutes of exercise at a time, in the beginning, that is not a problem. If you are taking up something like running, split your time between running, and walking. Alternate a minute of each.


Build up the length of time that you exercise gradually. Each session, add on an extra minute or so. That way, you will slowly be able to build up to running a long-distance or spending a longer period of time on an exercise bike in the gym. 


Your body will need to adjust to the change in your routine. You might be using muscles that need time to develop, and during this time it is important that you don’t force anything and cause yourself damage. 


By starting slowly and building up your exercise levels gradually, you will be more likely to hit the goals that you set yourself and you will feel proud of yourself for maintaining your fitness routine. 

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