3 Ways to Travel on Foot

If you love to travel, there’s a good chance you’ve travelled every different way under the sun. You’ve driven along on the most fun road trip of your life, and you’ve sailed through the air multiple times on an airplane. You’ve even taken a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean, and you’ve definitely had a walking vacation or two already! 


And for a lot of people, being able to just walk down country roads and up the toughest mountain paths is one of the most enjoyable ways to travel. You get to see a lot of things, and experience nature at its fullest. And it’s definitely the best way to stay healthy whilst out seeing the world!


But walking for miles and miles on end can get exhausting. It’s one of the major drawbacks of a walking vacation, and turns many people away… But what if you didn’t have to get so exhausted by it all? 


1. Take a Bike With You


Of course, cycling part of the way may defeat the objective of a walking vacation, but it’s definitely the most practical way to advance when your legs and feet get tired. If you’ve still got 10 or more miles to go, and you’re already down for snuggling up in your sleeping bag, why not use a bicycle to make the rest of the journey easier? 


You can hire bikes at certain points along a walking journey, if you’re taking a well traveled route, or you can just take a bike along with you. If you do, be sure to shop somewhere like bovemlife.com to find a hardy enough helmet for the entire journey. If you’re going to be carrying it around everywhere you go, you need to be assured it’s the right quality! 


2. Pack the Right Snacks


Walking is something that exercises the body, in all ways. And because of that, you’re going to need to eat right to supplement the energy it’ll take to keep on moving day by day. As humans, we evolved to have legs to support us and muscles to make them strong, but you do need the right fuel in the engine as well!


So, pack plenty of trail mix, as well as grain filled energy bars. Bags of nuts and various seeds are great too, and you can mix them into a soup you can cook on a portable stove when you set up camp at the end of the day. You might also want to pack some healthy pre packaged smoothies into your bag as well, to make sure you get hits of fruits and vegetables when you feel your energy dipping too. 


3. Even Pack a Stool


And if you’ve got the room in the bag, or on the shoulder, be sure to take a collapsible stool along with you! When you feel yourself needing to take a seat, set it up and take 5. 


With these tips, it doesn’t have to be exhausting to travel on foot!

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