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3 Ways to Update A Room With Little Effort

There are many of us who believe that in order to change how a room looks, we need to completely rewrite the physical design of how it looks. Knocking through a wall, renovating with new implements, perhaps installing new equipment can all help you achieve this goal, but it’s not actually so necessary to do this in lieu of cheaper and easier methods.


All home renovation and care takes a little creativity to accomplish, and a lot of love to finish. For that reason, changing a room’s entire aesthetic suddenly becomes a challenge, but a fun one, and a manageable one. It can also inspire you to further progress, because many of us feel completely stimulated when developing our home in the best manner we see fit.


For this and more, it can be more than worthwhile to consider our advice. We hope that for those of you who have been living in your home for a while but have yet to apply your full taste to it, this simple guide helps you get there:


1. Wall Stencils

We can often feel that a painted wall with little decoration is a blank space that needs filling with something. Too much empty space can often make a room feel a little too clinical, and this is good for no one. However, we may not wish to clutter the wall with random objects just because. So what is the best middle ground?

Well, have you considered making the wall its own design? Of course, you needn’t feel frightful of textured wallpaper or anything such as this, which can date a room quite effectively. Instead, wall stencils give you an amazing degree of creative control when applying a pattern, but also giving you a more cohesive sense of space that you may not have known you needed.


2. Keep The Color Scheme Matched

There are likely many different colors present in the room you occupy. From book covers around the room to wall art to the color of your television. All of this is simply what happens when bringing your belongings into a room, and should not be considered anything strange or odd to deal with.

However, keeping the color scheme matched to the degree that you can will also be a tremendously useful measure and practice to take. In fact, you may consider using two major and one minor color. For example, eggshell blue and white may be the main colors, and a light grey may be the minor color that trims everything such as your couch cushions. This can help a room tie together and feel like a new space throughout.


3. Navigability


If you’re not interested in spending a dime to achieve this result, you may decide to change the location of the furniture in the room. Perhaps you wish to orient this in another manner, or perhaps move it to another place.

No matter what you choose, the navigability of this space, considering how people walk and what the focus point of the room is, can help any room feel thoroughly different and also quite complete.


With these efforts, you’re sure to change the aesthetic of your room correctly.

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