4 Jobs To Do Before You Start Decorating

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Before you get carried away with planning and making your home more modern aesthetically, you need to think about the ‘big jobs first’. The last thing you would want is to completely revamp your home and then have to have floorboards lifted or your decorating damaged because you upgraded to a burnham boiler, had new windows fitted, or decided to change the layout of your property. 

Before, you run to buy new paint and fixtures, here are some important jobs to check before you get started. 

1. Are Your Electrical Sockets Where You Need Them?

If you are going to rearrange the room and get it just as you need, you want to make sure that is doable. 

Think about the layout of the room. Where will you be wanting electrical sockets? Are you planning on having a lamp in the corner,? If so, is there a socket close by? The last thing you want is to be having unsightly wires or extension cables running the length of your room. 

Also, do you have enough sockets? Depending on the needs and size of your family you might find that you require more electrical sockets than you currently have. Now is the time to get more fitted. 

2. Think About Your Lighting

If you are thinking about modernizing your home, you probably already have a moodboard on Pinterest of the light fixtures you want. If you haven’t thought about it, now is the time. 

It’s important to know what light fixtures and where they’ll be placed before you start. If you have one main light but decide that multiple spotlights would be ideal, you will want them fitted beforehand.


3. Clear The Room

Do you really want to run risk of getting paint on your furniture? It can be tempting just to move the furniture or chuck a sheet over them but best practice is to clear the room and allow yourself the luxury of not having to work around them. 

4. Create A Logical Plan

Redecorating is exciting, so I know how tempting it is to want to dive right in! But before you begin it’s imperative that you have a logical plan.

If you are getting new flooring put in, prioritize painting the floorboards and the walls first. If you know you need to have a plumber come in and complete some finishing touches in the bathroom or kitchen, be aware they could damage your paintwork so complete it after. 

Make sure all of the decorating is completed before you attach and secure all of the final fixtures such as the door handles, plug sockets and light switches. Don’t attach them and then paint, as you will run the risk of getting paint on them and creating more work cleaning it all off. 

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