4 Perks of Living Near a College Even if You’re Not in School

No matter where you currently find yourself, you probably live close to a college.

With over 2,300 four-year institutions and 2,000 two-year programs found across the country, colleges and universities are a staple in cities big and small. But you don’t have to be a student cramming for midterms to enjoy the perks of campus.

1. Make Money
Research is at the center of higher education, and most research cannot happen without participants. Departments like psychology, anthropology, and even those healthcare related fields, are always in need of research subjects or clinical trail participants. These positions are often a one to two hour a week time commitment, or even just require filling out a few anonymous surveys. Search online or check out bulletin boards at local coffee shops near campus to see what research is going on. And the best part about it – compensation is pretty standard and can range from $20 Starbucks gift cards to $500 cash incentives (depending on the length and depth of the research).

2. Save Money
College kids can’t spend money (except on the important things like books and liquor). Places around campus work to provide the cheapest options possible – and those discounts sometimes apply to community members. Many college gyms provide memberships that are less expensive than those LA Fitness monthly dues, but still provide a state-of-the-art workout facility. This varies from campus to campus, so check with your local college’s gym for more information.

3. Cheap entertainment
Landing seats at a high profile DI football game can cost you an entire month’s rent. But if you live near a smaller college/university, sports tickets are much cheaper – or even free! Spend your Saturday supporting your local basketball, volleyball or soccer team. These student athletes work hard and they will be glad to have more fans and community members in the stands. The same applies to university dance, theatre and musical acts that provide beautiful concerts at a fraction of the cost of professional companies.

4. Be inspired
Universities pride themselves on creating public knowledge and public discussion. Calendars are filled with lecture series and talks that are often free and open to the public. Whether you are looking to learn something new about political science or want to check out a book signing for an up-and-coming author, college campuses are a one-stop shop for ongoing learning and community engagement.

So whether you find yourself in a bustling city or a small town, make sure you take full advantage of the college found right around the corner!

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