4 Places to Meet Your Future Love IRL


The world of dating is changing as the paradigm of our social culture shifts to center itself in the hot spot of instant gratification. Just as easily as we can send a DM, we can swipe to the left on dating apps like Tinder and curate our pool of ideal partners. As this is a great option for some, others with old school values miss the idea of courting, long gazes with a stranger, and literally bumping into their future husbands or wives and falling face first into love. Perhaps a notion for a hopeless romantic, but for those of you looking for something real, here are some places where you can meet your future Bae.


Art Galleries: A cultured lover is an appreciative lover with an open mind. Meeting someone in an art gallery or museum is a great place to strike up a conversation and dig a little deeper than small talk. Art can be the distraction or the main focus as you compare your perspectives of beauty and talk about something other than the weather. It’s an entry into getting deep, but doesn’t scream “thirsty.” The best part- you already established you have one common interest in hand.

Why not try: High Museum of Art Atlanta 


Coffee shops: As the workplace of choice nowadays, coffee shops also serve as a great place to meet new people. Walk into almost any Starbucks and you’ll sea of heads buried in their laptops, working away feverishly, but everyone needs a break. Something so simple as “what are you working on?” can get someone to share their passions and visions and give them a break. You also tend to see the same people frequent the same cozy coffee shop.

Perfect place to bump into your next Bae: Dancing Goats Coffee Bar 


Bookstores: If your potential Bae is a reader, you’re winning already. Books are a thing of the past for most people- with the instant availability of Kindle e-books and the likes- so it says alot about a person to still want the real thing. Chances are if your special somebody wants something as tangible and authentic as a book in a digital world, then it’s a good sign that their ideals are based on something that will last and that they can savor over time.

Have a read here: A Capella Books


Parks: Parks are the ultimate getaway from stress and a great place for adventure. Chances are, if someone takes the time out of their day for themselves, they understand the importance of being mindful and thinking clearly. A lover of the outdoors tends to strive for peace and harmonious living. If you’re looking for someone to inspire some activity in your life, your Lover may be waiting for you in the park.

Why not try: Piedmont Park

So if you’re looking for Love- or just a good date, open yourself up to meeting someone that you didn’t already Google, in a real place, by chance. If none of these options are for you, feel free to keep swiping left my friend.

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