4 Things to Know About Living in a Major City

Living in a major city can be a wonderful time. It also comes with a few downsides that you need to accept before carving out a thriving lifestyle here. Not everyone is equipped to deal with the realities of city living, especially major city living. I personally love living in major cities. I find the energy of major cities intoxicating. After having lived in Philadelphia, NYC, Miami and Atlanta, I can’t picture my life outside of a major city. 

To do so will ensure you are more aware, introspective and understanding of the entire process. Sometimes, just knowing what to expect can be the best way forward.


1. Living in a major city puts you in the middle of what’s happening NOW.

Living on the cutting edge is often quite a promising idea for most people. When living in a city, especially the capital, you have access to the most forefront internet plans, the most cutting-edge architecture, the most international of business setups and some of the best transport available (as a general rule.) If a product or service debuts in your country, it’s likely to debut here. This also translates to more cutting-edge job opportunities and potential projects to become involved in.

The major cities also gain the most attention worldwide, meaning that if you have a project to unveil, doing it here could be a wonderful choice. You might even find yourself available for some of the best loan deals here, such as Altrua Mortgage Brokers and how they offer competitive rates.


2. Living in a major city allows you to make great connections.

Of course, cities are very populous. If you find that rewarding, then this could be the best place for you. Socially there are many, many opportunities in a city, a much wider range of people to meet from all over the globe. The multicultural aspect of any capital city lends itself to a wide and accepting form of diversity, and this can be excellent to experience first hand. There are also reports that living so close to people can actually increase happiness, not take it away. This is provided you’re in the right mindset and have the right personality tuning to take this as a positive.


3. It’s Noisy, but you’ll get used to it. 


Noise is obviously an undeniable part of any city, as is pollution in general. There are ways around this. Living higher up a building escapes from the sound of the streets, but so does living in more surrounding areas to the city center. Your ability to handle this will be dictated by your ability to regulate the noise coming into your home, your willingness to use noise canceling earplugs while sleeping, or generally living a little out of the central hive.


4. Crime happens everywhere- just be street smart about it. 

As a general rule, crime is higher in major cities. However, this is not always the case. Also, it might be that while the general crime rate is higher, statistically per person you may have much less of a chance of experiencing this personally than other locations you have lived. Still, it pays to be aware, and to understand how to stay safe with city living. The key is to be smart about your surroundings. Lock your car doors, don’t leave your valuables in your front seat et cetera. Honestly, these are things you should be doing regardless of where you live. 

Photo by Redd Angelo.

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