4 Tips for Eco-friendly Road Trips

So you’re heading off on a leisurely road trip but you want to keep it eco-friendly? Well that’s great news! First things first, remember to pack all of your reusable items from water bottles, to bags and recyclable toiletries while you’re at it. Besides this, simply follow these four simple tips.


1. Eco-driving tips


When you’re taking a road trip, keep your driving eco-friendly. Better still keep your driving habits earth-friendly all the time. So how can you do this? Well, first off you need to say no to speeding and any kind of aggressive driving for that matter. Not only will you and your roadtripping buddies be safe, but you’ll also conserve fuel. When you save fuel, you won’t need to fill up quite so often, and consequently you’ll use up less resources and reduce your emissions.


2. Go Electric


So you’re off on a road trip, but how do you decide which of your pals will drive? Answer- whoever is eco conscious enough to own an electric car! As you’ll probably know, these lovely vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions, great news for the earth and your bank balance. Some car manufacturers even make their electric vehicles out of recycled materials, (for double green points)! The Ford Focus Electric is one such car.


3. Roadtrippers App


Calling all adventurers, Roadtrippers is the app you need in your life! This application can help you to plan your routes, find the awesome spots to stop, book hotels and predict your fuel costs. Failing to plan your routes means you could get lost, or back track, which equals wasted fuel and increased car emissions. The app has a great community chat option so you can connect which other roadtrippers for friendship and tips. There are also navigation and traffic updates to help you find your way and make good time.


4. Check tire pressure


Cruising with incorrect tire pressure wastes fuel, so it’s important to keep on top of this. Try the app SensAiry, to check your tires from the convenience of your smartphone. The app uses bluetooth (low energy) to track your tires on the go. You’ll see the pressure readings in kilopascal, bar units and pounds per inch. SensAiry supports multiple vehicles, and syncs the data right to your cloud server. Make sure you get a full car service before you go, to ensure your vehicle is safe. Car Minder is another neat app to keep up with your maintenance checks.


Failing to maintain your vehicle correctly could lead to an accident. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, ensure that you find yourself a good car accident attorney to make a claim. It’s important to do so especially if injuries exceed your insurance limits. (The minimum coverage is usually $15,000 for injury). Of course no one wants to consider the possibility of a car accident, but it’s best to think ahead should the worst happen.


With these tips in hand you’ll soon be off on the earth-friendly road trip of your dreams. Oh and don’t forget to pack light for your trip, you won’t want to be driving around with the extra weight from huge bags!


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