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4 Tips For Elevating Your Small Bathroom

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Do you find yourself dreaming of large bathrooms like in the best Hollywood movies? If you live in a city center, chances are your apartment has a small bathroom. Depending on the orientation of the room, it may not receive a lot of direct sunlight. Needless to say, a small and dark bathroom isn’t the thing dreams are made of. But how can you elevate the mood in your washroom without pushing the walls?


Here we focus on effective, budget-friendly, and manageable tips that can transform the room for the better. For example, small bathrooms can feel contrived and oppressing if you don’t know how to maximize the space. 


1. Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Instagram is a source of inspiration, especially if you follow some beauty influencers. Unfortunately, beauty influencers are keen to introduce their followers to new products (some of them they receive for free). So, if you follow their leads, you might find yourself tempted to buy a new product every day. And we all know what that means in a small bathroom: Cluttered shelves!

Give your bathroom and your skin a break by switching to a minimalist skincare routine.  In a tiny space, less is often more. But the same principle applies to your skin. Dermatologists recommend cutting down on extra products that stress your skin. The bottom line: Clear your shelves as it’s good for your bathroom decor and your skin! 


2. Use Smart Technology

Smart tech in the bathroom? This might sound unexpected, but there are some smart additions that can enhance the space dramatically. Make it convenient to wash your hands or brush your teeth with a smart tap. Faucets Canada provides high end touchless faucets that are sensor-activated. You only need to come within a short distance of the sensor to activate it.

So there’s no need to try to open the tap with soapy hands or try to multitask as you put your makeup on. Another life-changing addition will be a smart light switch that is also sensor-activated because nobody wants to search for the switch in the middle of the night. A temperature-controlled faucet in the shower will also transform your morning routine. No more cold or hot shower that is impossible to control! 


3. Add Some Green

In a previous article, we mentioned creating a tiny pond in your garden to attract some wildlife. Ponds are hugely popular because there is no better combination than plants and water. But how does that relate to the bathroom? You can still combine plants with water by introducing potted houseplants inside your washroom. Plants can completely transform a small and stuffy bathroom into a fresh and relaxing area. Indeed, the right plants will absorb moisture levels, which means that you don’t have to worry about mold patches. They also release oxygen, making the small space feel roomier and ventilated. 


4. Keep It Fresh

Finally, add an extra touch of freshness. Plants add more oxygen to the room./ but they don’t absorb bad odors. Ideally, you want to change your towels once a week (ideally more frequently) to ensure the room continues to smell fresh and clean. You should clean your small bathroom at least twice a week. 


No bathroom is too small to be welcoming. With the right additions, you can make a tiny small cozy, and fresh. 


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