Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship NOT SUCK

4 Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship NOT SUCK

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4 Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship NOT SUCK

Written by Alanna Gardner MFT

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Phil Jackson and fiancé Jeanie Buss’ relationship recently made waves when he accepted the position as President of the Knicks. Their relationship posed as a possible conflict of interest since Jeanie is the Lakers’ co-owner and executive. Parameters have been set to keep the professional lives separate from their romantic relationship to avoid foul play. As a result Jeanie and Phil will be living bi-coastally during the NBA season. Jeanie and Phil are now one of 14 million couples that are involved in a long distance relationship. Even though they may be challenging, long distance relationships can be very fulfilling and loving. Here are 4 tips for a successful long distance relationship.

1. Prioritize Your Relationship
In order to maintain a strong long distance relationship, you have to make the other person and your relationship a priority. That means taking the time find ways to bond and strengthen the intimacy you’ve already established with your partner(s). Setting time aside every day to video chat or texting throughout the day can make you feel closer to your partner even if you’re miles away.

2. Strengthen Your Communication
You’ll need to be able to effectively communicate with your partner(s) if you want a strong relationship. Learning how to effectively communicate without misconstruing what the other person meant can decrease the amount of arguments and miscommunications between you and your lover(s). A tip would be to have serious conversations or disagreements while video chatting or talking on the phone. You can’t really read a person tone or context via messaging or email.

3. Utilize Your Resources

With all of the technology that’s available, it’s almost impossible not to stay connected to your partner. Find a messaging system or video messaging system like Skype or FaceTime that you and your partner are comfortable with and use it to keep in touch.

4. Keep the Romance Alive
Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean the romance and passion has to end in your relationship. Keep the flame hot by thinking of new ways to keep your partner thinking of you. Writing love letters, sending small thoughtful gifts, or even surprising your partner can keep them thinking of you weeks after you’ve sent them sweet nothings.

A long distance relationship doesn’t have to mean a relationship doomed to fail. If you incorporate the above tips you can achieve a strong, healthy and close relationship even if you are hundreds of miles away. If you feel as if you need more support with dealing with your long distance relationship, please contact Philadelphia MFT.

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Alanna Gardner, MFT is a sex and family therapist practicing in Philadelphia. She is also a main contributor to TheUrbanRealist. For more advice and encouragement from Alanna follow her here.

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