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4 Tips to Help You on Your Journey to Self-Discovery

4 Tips to Help You on Your Journey to Self-Discovery
Originally published on Philadelphia MFT
Who are you? Are you who you want to be? Do you know? For some answering these questions is an easy task while for others, the process is more complex. Figuring out our identity is something that we often only focus on when we are feeling as if we lost the person we once were. But what about those who never had a solid grasp of who they were to begin with? Where should they start? The process of figuring out who you are looks different for everyone. Here are some tips to help you jump-start and get deeper into your journey of self discovery:

1. Explore your interests. Focus on the things you enjoy doing the most. Take a class. Grab a book. Join a group. Try something new or dig deeper into something you’ve started before. If you’re unsure about what you like, think about what makes you happiest and start from there.  You have the freedom to try whatever you want. You will learn what you love, what you can tolerate and what you hate. These are all great things to be aware of when figuring out identity. A change of scenery is a great place to start this process.

2. Don’t rush things. Learning who you are is a process, not something that is going to be instantaneous. Focus on taking small steps to uncover who you really are and what you want for yourself. Rushing through this process only leads to feeling overwhelmed.

3. Monitor judging and expectations. Your inner critic can be one of the biggest barriers in discovering your true self. Instead of criticizing your quirks, learn to accept the things that make you unique. Embrace the fact that perfection is unattainable and that’s okay. Make sure the changes that you make are because you feel like you need to and not because someone or something else makes you feel like you should.

4. Don’t be scared to seek out input. This is a big task and it’s fine to consider outside insight. Open yourself up to your surroundings. Engage in various conversations. Don’t be afraid or  embarrassed to ask for help. Just because it’s your journey of self discovery, doesn’t mean you have to be alone for the entire trip.

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