Photography by Ron Hill

4 Tips on Living a Life Full of Controlled Chaos

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief


Photography by Ron Hill

Someone once described my life as being “ridiculously chaotic”. At the time I didn’t pay it much attention, but last night when I was recalling the conversation, it suddenly struck a chord with me. I mean, I guess I always knew the “get a degree, marry young and have kids thing” was never for me, but I wouldn’t consider my life to be ridiculously chaotic. I like to think of my life as being full of Controlled Chaos.

One might ask, what is Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is living a life outside the norm. It’s trying things that aren’t always conventional. Having a life of controlled chaos is acknowledging that even with all the planning in the world, things will often happen outside of your control and being okay with that. It’s embracing the here and now. Controlled chaos is where spontaneity and stability kiss and make up. It’s seeing where life takes you and being emotionally grounded enough to just enjoy the ride.

Now a life of Controlled Chaos isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are interested, here are a few tips to get a little controlled chaos in your life:

1. Follow Your Passion- Now I’m not saying quit your day job and move to India. What I am saying is, if there’s a passion in your life that you haven’t pursued for any reason, take time to explore it. For example, if you’ve always been passionate about fashion, consider taking a night class on Fashion Design. You never know where a passion of yours could lead you!

2. Scare the Crap Out of Yourself- Few things are as stress provoking as fear. There’s also nothing as rewarding as conquering a fear. Want to experience controlled chaos? If you hate speaking in front of crowds, take an improv comedy class. Terrified of the ocean? Try snorkeling next time you’re on vacation. If you’re shy, try wearing red lipstick for a day. Even something as simple as wearing red lipstick can make you feel bold, confident and slightly chaotic:)

3. Tune Out the I Cant’s- Nine times out of ten, the biggest thing holding us back from stepping outside the box, is ourselves. More often than not, you’re your own worst enemy. Stop all the self-hate. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more confidence others will have in you.

4. Be firm with your goals, but flexible with how you get there. Life is all about balance. Having clearly defined goals is super important, but don’t beat yourself up when your plans on achieving them don’t play out exactly how you hoped. The road to success and happiness is full of ups and downs. You can still achieve those goal whether or not it’s on the timeframe you had originally hoped for.

As you can see I’m all about controlled chaos. Maybe this post will push some of you to step outside of your comfort zone in some way. What does controlled chaos mean to you?


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