4 Tips on What To Do When Relocating For A New Job

When you need to relocate for a new job or promotion, it can be stressful. There are a few things to consider and manage if you want to pull off a smooth move to a few states away or even across the country. To assist you with a relocation, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Relocation Benefits Package


Whether you’re being asked to relocate to a regional office, or you’re being recruited out of state with the expectation that you’ll relocate your life, it’s a lot to consider. Some companies will understand the full extent of what they’re asking you to do and offer a generous relocation package.

It’s up to you to consider the full costs of a move and how any offer breaks down by the numbers. Have they estimated the costs for each part of the relocation package or is it just a number they seem to have picked out of the air? Is there room to negotiate over the relocation offer based on your research about what it will cost to complete the move and get set up in a new city, or is it simply a one-time offer?

Don’t forget to consider the cost of realtor commissions to sell up and re-buy in a new city and the difference in property purchase valuations between cities. Also, factor in possible holding costs if you’re required to relocate on a set date but fail to find a buyer and close a deal to sell your home in time. 

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2. Get the Right Movers


Moving to a different state is more expensive than you’d imagine. While you could rent a van, package up your own possessions and drive yourself, it’s much easier to hire an experienced team to perform the relocation professionally.

It’s important to understand that for a moving company to go a few streets across the same city is totally different than one handling state to state moves. The distances can turn into hundreds or thousands of miles within the continental U.S. for long-distance moves. Also, depending on the amount of possessions that you own, it’s most likely not possible to handle the move yourself.

3. Rent First to Learn the Neighborhoods


Before you set out to buy a home in a new city, learn the neighborhoods and the areas that you prefer. That’s not really something you can do successfully over the internet from a distance. For this reason, it’s better to look at furnished apartments initially to make moving into the city easier on you, then take your time to find a new permanent home.

You can keep most of your possessions in local storage until you move into a house that you’ve purchased. Staying in an apartment temporarily is also useful if you’re still in the process of selling your old home and haven’t released the equity to move onto a new purchase yet.

Look for a provider like Blueground, as they have premium listings of furnished apartments in Boston and in many other cities dotted around the country. Their furnished apartments make it extremely simple to relocate and move right into a new place without having to do extensive shopping for furniture, kitchen equipment and everything else required. This way, you can dive right in by investing your energy into the new job role. Another added benefit of Blueground’s service is that they have apartments available for both medium and long term stays, which is ideal if your job is only temporary.

4. Create Checklists


There are too many things to remember to deal with before you leave and when you’ve arrived in a new city. It’s easy to get completely overwhelmed, so make a checklist of the tasks that must get done. You can have more than one to keep different ideas separately organized too. Use a task manager on a smartphone such as ToDoist, To Do or Google Tasks to manage your lists successfully. Some things to add to your checklist include:


Consider the utilities that must be turned off and notify the utility companies when to disable their service. A final bill needs to be arranged either to send to your new address or made available online so it can be verified and paid. If you have both gas and electrical supply fed into the home, don’t forget both must be handled. Get any telephone lines, internet connections and cable disconnected too.


Refill any prescriptions to ensure they won’t run out shortly after relocating before you are set up with a new local doctor. Ask for a copy of your medical files to pass onto a new doctor too. The same goes for the veterinarian for any pets you have at home.


Also, update financial contacts like banks, store and credit card companies, and the local post office about your new address.

Moving for a different job is more complex than is imagined at first. However, it’s just like anything else in life – it has steps to run through and once they’re complete, the move is done.

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