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Photo by Viktoria Sotsugova

4 Ways Tips on Choosing Art For Your Home

Choosing the right pieces of art for your home is a great way to bring some color to your decor, and an even better way to show off your tastes and personality. But how do you choose the best pieces? Here are a few tips on choosing the right art for your home. 


1. Choose The Right Size

First identify the space that needs a little art injection. How big a space is it? Seek out art pieces that will properly fill the space and not look lost on the wall. 

If you have large rooms with a big expanse of wall to fill, you can go oversized for a dramatic effect. Scale down for smaller spaces or use multiple smaller pieces to create a gallery wall to showcase even more art.

To create a gallery wall like this, choose a selection of pieces by the same artist, or in the same style or color palette to create a cohesive display. 

2. Think About Your Personal Home Style 

What style is the rest of your home? Do you live in a cozy country cottage or a modern city apartment? Is your decor vintage chintz or sleek minimalism? 

Make you choose art that matches the style of your decor. Look at lots of pieces at a gallery like Park West Gallery to get a feel for the styles you like that could tie in to your home well. 

Remember to choose frames in the right style too, not just the art itself. Buy art in sets to create themed spaces. You can group them together on longer walls, or along stairwells to create attractive displays. 

Tying together art with style could be as simple as matching the main colors in a print to the color of your walls, or buying art with a theme. If your bathroom is inspired by the beach, pick beach prints to tie in with the theme. 


3. Start With The Art.

Planning to redecorate a whole room? Start by shopping for art. If you fall in love with a beautiful feature piece, use that to inspire the rest of the room. Pick out the colors from the painting to use in the rest of the room, such as paint, soft furnishings or ornaments. 


Let the style of the piece inspire the theme of the room, whether it’s modern or classic. Using the art piece to inspire the rest of the space means the piece will really shine and will bring you joy whenever you look at it. 

4. Get The Mood Right.

Think about you want to feel in each room and choose art that helps you to feel like that. For example, in your bedroom, you’ll want pieces that inspire a sense of calm and relaxation. For that kitchen, you can go brighter and more cheerful, with a sense of fun. 

Art can have a real impact on how we feel, so choose carefully and put the right pieces in the right rooms. 

Choose art that brings you joy, whether that’s expensive original artwork or cheap prints bought online. Whatever you choose, make it yours. 

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