4 Ways To Do Good During a Crisis

across the world, we are all going to be living cautiously for the months to come, still. As such, aside from issues like depression and anxiety, we also need to address the feeling of helplessness that seems like just as much of a pandemic. Feeling like you’re doing some good can help, and here are a few ways you can instill your life with that feeling.



1. Look to those in your community.

There are people in all of our communities who are so easily ignored during plights like the COVID-19 outbreak. While we might be reaching out online, there are many people like the elderly and single parents who are struggling and have no-one to reach out to. You can help by, for instance, simply doing the grocery shopping for them so that they don’t have to risk themselves. At-risk seniors, in particular, are likely to suffer more from this pandemic, so they need all the help that they can get.


2. Don’t neglect to talk.

A lot more of us are facing isolation anxiety than ever before. As the name suggests, this particular kind of mental health issue is caused by isolation and, as such, human contact can be the best way to break it. Not only can reaching out and talking to others over phone or internet help you, but it can help them, too. Speaking over voice channels might not be quite the same as being in-person, but by using your webcam or smart camera, you can at least make sure you get the face-to-face contact so important in relationships.


3. Help those in crisis.

Now, more than ever, people who are in crisis and in vulnerable situations are at more risk than ever. Women and children in the community with no support are particularly vulnerable, and there are efforts like the Lifesavers Foundation that are designed to help them. Finding such organizations near you and doing what you can to help, from donating to spreading the word about their efforts on social media, can help you use what reach you have to help, even when you can’t leave the home.


4. Be there for those who reach out.

There are a lot more people in crisis who are going to be reaching out for help. Being there for them, showing empathy, listening to their problems, and offering them a shoulder to cry on, such as the work done by Crisis Text Line, can help. Volunteering for a crisis text or phone line can help you be there for those who might need you most. If you have a computer, a secure internet connection, and a headset, then you could precisely the person that an individual in crisis needs.


There are a lot of people who need help and, even when we’re apart, there are a lot of ways that we can help them. Let the ideas above inspire you to do some good, too.

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