4 Ways To Feel Better Instantly

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Do you ever wake up and think: today I do not feel good

It happens to all of us. Even if nothing is going wrong in your life, sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

For real, lasting change, it’s vital to put in the work to feel better. Whether that’s diet, exercise or therapy, there are plenty of options to change your outlook on life.

But for those days when something just doesn’t feel right, there are some quick things you can do to lift your mood. When you feel this way, it’s easy to wallow in the feeling and ruin a perfectly good day. 

To avoid this, why not try out these tricks?


1. Take A Shower


It sounds basic, but it makes such a difference. If you are an evening showerer, swap your shower to the morning when you wake up feeling bad. The change will astound you. 

You may not feel like lugging yourself out of bed to shower, but the water will reset your outlook. Being clean starts you afresh. You’ll feel more productive and ready for the day. 


2. Spend More Time on Your Appearance

Sometimes, by making yourself look good on the outside, your inside will change to reflect this. 

Making yourself presentable will give you more confidence, and sometimes a bit of faith is all you need to change your mood. 

Some things you could do to spend time on your appearance are:

  • Choosing an outfit carefully. Why not dress a bit fancier than usual? Wear those trousers you bought spontaneously a few months ago, but haven’t had the chance to wear out yet!
  • Styling your hair. It can be easy to just stick your hair out of your way when you’re feeling rubbish. Instead, use some 3D ceramic heat for your hair and look like a boss. 
  • Doing your makeup or skincare. Doing makeup and skincare is fun for various reasons, but in this case, it’s great because it forces you to sit down and focus on yourself for a bit. You’ll feel better afterwards, for sure. 


3. Eat Well.


Start the day off to a better start with a good hearty breakfast. Your mood will be helped by putting nutritious food into you, but your soul will be satisfied with something delicious. 

Try to find something that meets in the middle, like banana pancakes or a fruit salad. 

Food is fuel, and if you want to change your mindset to good, making sure you’ve got the energy to continue is critical. 


4. Feel Better


When you wake up feeling rubbish, it’s easy to accept that things are just bad, and won’t get better for the rest of the day. The first thing to focus on is telling yourself that that is not true. You can change your mindset if you work on it. Trying out these tips is an excellent place to start, but try to find those small things that work specifically for you.

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