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4 Ways to Make Your Beauty Haul Less Overwhelming

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Does the idea of doing your beauty haul make you panic? Does doing your makeup regularly have you flustered? Don’t worry boo, you’re not alone. The world of makeup and beauty products is quite overwhelming.

You should start by checking out YouTube channels for the hundreds of online tutorials out there but if that ends up being too fast paced, then take some time to research exactly the look you’re going for online.

Check out your favorite lifestyle, health and beauty gurus and find step-by-step tutorials from women who have a similar face and skin tone to create a look that you know you can pull off.

There might be something specific you’re looking for such as: How can I contour my round face to look slimmer? Or maybe you’re looking to create a sultry, smoky eye look for a cocktail party.

Whatever’s on your style wish list, you’re bound to find a blogger who can give you some great advice. Here are a few tips I’ve found that help me! 


1. Choosing makeup


If, like so many women, you have a box full of leftover cosmetics that have seen better days, old mascaras, run out eye shadows and broken lipsticks, this is the perfect opportunity to replenish your stock.

You won’t just be treating yourself to a new set of makeup essentials you’ll be doing your skin and eyes a favor as old mascara wands, sponges and so on can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause serious infections.

Don’t be scared to talk to the experts at the makeup counters about what you’re looking for and take advantage of a free makeover. If you’re happy with the products they’ve used, then stock-up.

Feel free to set a budget and let your beauty consultant know that you’re just looking for the minimum needed to achieve your look.

Otherwise head online and find the products after some careful research and shopping around.


2. Always do a trial run

Leaving your look until the last minute is a no-no. If you want to get it right on the night, make sure you carry out a trial run once or even twice beforehand to make sure you get your technique just right.

It’s always worth asking a friend for a second opinion so run your test face past someone you trust to point out anything that doesn’t quite work or could be made better.


3. Prepare your skin

The last thing you need is a pimple appearing before your grand event so take care of your skin in the build up to it.

In any case, you should have a simple skin care routine in place to get the best out of your skin but in the meantime you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep, so you look and feel energized and fresh.

By getting great sleep and treating your skin kindly, it will positively glow from being nourished and taken care of.

Don’t try and change up your skin care products too radically however. The last thing you’re going to need is an allergic reaction to something that you haven’t tried before and doesn’t agree with the sensitivity of your skin type. Stick to tried and tested products that work and bring out the best in you.


4. Have a plan

On the night, you’ll need to have a plan in place to leave yourself plenty of time to get things ready without panicking. Factor in time for getting things wrong and having to start over, with room to spare.

Figure out what comes first: hair, makeup or outfit and think about how that will work with timings.

Evening balls, cocktail parties, wedding receptions – these fun events can feel daunting if you haven’t got a look or had much practice in applying makeup outside of your routine, but with some great purchases and a little practice you’ll soon be the belle of the ball.

Don’t rush the process, find a look that you really think will suit you and do some research into how to get it just right. Buy products that suit your skin tone and type and don’t leave your skin feeling dry and itchy, even after your take them off at night.

Invest in some quality products and create a night time look that leaves you feeling happy, confident and yourself, you have nothing to hide but everything to accentuate.


Photo by Jessica Kosinska

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