4 Ways to Prep Your Home For Summer

Am I the only one who’s ready for summer to be here? It’s the hottest time of the year and I for one cannot wait to have the sun’s rays shining down on me all day!

While, I’m a huge fan of summer, it can do a number on your home. We’re currently in the springtime, and because of that, you’ve got the chance to prepare for the seasons that are coming up. It’s much cheaper, and you’ve got a lot more time, to get your house in order for those warmer, much more humid months, and that’s certainly worth putting some effort in for right now! So, here are a few tasks you’ll want to get done first. 


1. Make Sure Your Windows are Insulated Properly 


What’s the glazing like in your home? Do you know how strong the walls are up against the weather outside? What about the windows as well? Because if they aren’t insulated properly, it isn’t only the winter time you need to worry about. 


Your windows can be a huge cool air sink and escape hatch if you just let them be for the summer period. Any cool air you manage to get circulating inside is likely to just slip out and turn into more humid temperatures if you don’t take the time now to check on your insulation, and that can cost you a lot of money and a whole load of frustration! 


Your windows are a good way to let cool and fresh air in, but this is a double edged sword, and it’s especially sharp when it’s hot outside. You don’t want to be stuck in what feels like a roasting oven all summer, so use the milder and cooler temperatures of spring to cover you, and make sure your house is ready to keep all that cool fan or AC air in. 


Plus, it’ll be a lot easier to get ahold of someone who can double glaze your windows right now, when there’s little need for such a housecall. If you try to do this in the summertime instead, you could be waiting a very long time for anyone to even call you back, so don’t take your chances. 


2. Get Your Air Conditioning Checked


Do you have an air conditioning system in your house? It’s one of the main appliances within your household that you’re going to want to get checked right now. Why? Because the summer time is going to be hot, and they only seem to get hotter, so you’re going to need a steady cooling system in your home to rely on! 


When the weather outside is frightful, in a hot and heavy nature, an air conditioning system in your own home is key to staying comfortable during the mid season. And seeing as air conditioners can get clogged up with all kinds of material, you’re going to want to change the filters in your unit at the very least. 


And if you don’t have any air conditioning to rely on, now’s your chance to get out there and find a good quote for installation – after all, an air conditioning system is installed into the structure of your house, for you to use for years and years from now, so it’s a good investment, rather than a limited time waste of money. 


Especially if you can also rely on something like the best aircon service company to keep your fans spinning and the cool air coming! Maintenance can be hard to pull off yourself, so definitely think about going professional. 


Don’t worry, air conditioners come with all kinds of settings you can make use of. You can turn it off and on, of course, but you can also set the air level at different cool temperatures and speeds. Even when it’s a bit warm in the spring or the autumn, you’ll definitely benefit from having an air conditioner to rely on. 


3. Invest in Some Light and Bright Colors


The summer is always a brighter and warmer season, no matter where you live or how you live. You’re always going to be feeling a rise in temperatures, and everything that might bring with it, and one of the best (and smaller tasks!) to complete right now is to change your home’s color scheme. Simply put, you want things to look lighter and brighter in the summer!


Start with the paint on your walls; how could you change it? Cool shades and tones on the walls and floors can sometimes help to reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them, like darker shades and tones would be more likely to. It’s a natural way to help your home cool down a little, not to mention the sunny mood a yellow or baby blue wall will help to put you in. 


4. Look Around for Pests


And finally, you’re also going to want to keep an eye out for any pest and critter nests in your home. The summer period is when they’re going to emerge in full force and leave your home for the warmer temperatures outside, and that could leave you with broken timber across your ceiling and floors, or even holes in your walls and house foundation. So, search them out now, before they want to make a move, and call an exterminator to get rid of the problem for you. 


Despite how much you might love summer, you definitely need to prepare your home and body for it! 

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