4 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

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Protecting your mental health is essential for your happiness and wellbeing, especially during a pandemic. But how do you keep your spirits up when a large percentage of the world is in lockdown or self-isolating? Looking after your mental health is more important than ever before when the future might look uncertain. Here are four ways you can protect your mental health during COVID-19.



Keep On Dating

Dating might seem like a daunting prospect during a pandemic, especially when you have to find creative new ways to spark up relationships. Yet online dating increased by 82% in March, with the majority of people confined indoors. People started (and then continued) building relationships online with the help of Zoom and FaceTime. Chat lines are also increasingly more popular in 2020, especially those that help build connections you can continue post-COVID. Sites like https://thechatlinenumbers.com/gay can help you narrow down the list of chat lines options so you can trial and use the best sites for you. Protect your mental health by making real-world connections in an isolating time.


Make Time For Yourself

You might feel that you always have to keep busy when the alternative feels like you have too much time to think. But taking time to relax and unwind is essential for your mental health. As many as 70% of individuals report feeling stressed because of work, and at a time where the lines may be blurred between home and work, it’s vital to put in some time for yourself. Alternatively, if you’re looking for work, it’s important to remember you’re likely to put in a better application if you take a few hours a day to think about something other than the job search.



Take Breaks From Watching The News

While it’s great to stay informed, staying glued to the news frequently will not help you protect your mental health. Try to avoid the urge to scroll through social media or news apps first thing in the morning, and take a bit of time to unwind. Apps like https://www.forestapp.cc/ can help you take time away from your phone. Forest is a productivity app that incentivizes spending time away from your screen by allowing you to gain credits for time away from your phone. After a certain amount of credits, you gain a virtual tree and also plant a real tree somewhere in the world.


Stay Healthy

Staying healthy can take various forms, like getting enough sleep or eating enough fruit and vegetables. But this also means being kind to yourself and not denying yourself treats or downtime. Think of how you’d treat a friend or loved one, and keep your mind healthy by treating yourself like you are someone you care about. Using meditation apps like Headspace or Calm can also help you gather yourself and focus your mind. Stay healthy by keeping your body and mind well-rested, active, and engaged. 


A pandemic can be an uncertain time. But protecting your mental health is essential for keeping happy, taking a break from work or life stress, and making time for you. Be kind to yourself, and remember it’s normal to be anxious or stressed during times of uncertainty. 


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