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4 Ways To Spice Up A Boring Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as many would tell you. It should communicate feelings of warmth, of connection, and of a clean, bright space that can be fun at the same time. However, we often take a utilitarian mindset when decorating or designing it, making sure it does all that it needs to do, often without really considering how we feel about our choices. If your kitchen is feeling cold and boring, then it’s time to look at how you can help heat it back up.


1. Add a Smack of Personality.

Choosing art for the kitchen can help bring out a little of your own taste and smile, just as easily as it can for any other room in the home. Placement is important, of course, as humidity and heat can be a problem for some pieces.

There’s also art that’s better suited to the collection, such as arranged multiples, like teacups, stylish jugs, and such that have a tie to the use of the room as well as an artistic pop.


2. Freshen Up the Color.

Painting the cabinets is an easy way to try a brand-new face on the kitchen without having to spend too much. Choose kitchen cabinet colors that make it brighter and keep it vibrant.

Try inching away from the safe whites and creams and look at some of the currently trending colors like teal, orange, and softer shades of yellow. If you can’t paint your cabinets, either because the home’s a rental or the material doesn’t allow for it, contact paper can still let you switch up the colors.


3. Make The Walls Pop.

Adding new paint or wallpaper to the walls? That’s good. Choosing an eye-catching backsplash? That’s even better. However, one trend that’s helping walls really stand out is adding an accent wall. Giving the home some rustic charm with kitchen scene tiles, bringing in a more modern and urban twist faux brick cladding, and adding a dramatically different color to the one that offers the most taste are all just ideas of how to accent your walls. Make your walls say a little something about your style that the more utilitarian parts of the kitchen might not be able to.


4. Let There Be Light.

Kitchens should feel bright, comforting, and welcoming. How well you use the light in the room plays into that in a big way. Where possible, maximize the natural light coming in by opting for slimmer, minimalist window treatments, using bright sunny colors, and incorporating a mirror or two to help the light bounce around the room. Don’t be afraid to use accent lights to help it along a little, either. Under-cabinet recessed lighting can help keep the kitchen bright in the evenings, as well as offering some practical use for cooking and meal prep.


Your kitchen shouldn’t just a tool, fit for purpose. It should be an engaging, inspiring space that makes you want to spend more time in there. The tips above can help you free up a little of the creativity trapped in many a kitchen. 

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