The 5 Astounding Benefits of Revisiting Your Past.

Written By Danasia FantasticThe 5 Astounding Benefits of Revisiting Your PastRecently, I’ve had an opportunity to catch up with old friends and acquaintances from my past. To say it was eye-opening would be a huge understatement! I’d like to share with you my five benefits of revisiting the past and why you should consider doing it:

It Allows You To Realize How Much You’ve Changed- Most people don’t realize they’ve changed until they come back to a place they once were. Whether it’s visiting the town you grew up in, reaching out to a old friend from high school, or bumping into an ex unexpectedly, when you come across a little bit of your past, it makes you realize the changes in yourself, as well as in others.

It Allows You To See How Much You’ve Stayed the Same- It’s quite amusing to realize that after all this time, I still enjoy the same coffee shop in my old town and that I still think the mom and pop pizza place by my old house is the best pizza on the planet. Some things never change.

It Makes You Realize Who Your Real Friends Are- Since being back I’ve gotten into a situation or two where I didn’t have something I desperately needed, or where the place I was going to crash at that night fell through. It’s such a great feeling to have friends of mine step up and help me out even if we haven’t been in touch for awhile. Very few things feel as great as seeing a friend for the first time in a few years and pricking up right where you left off!

It Helps You To Realize That Time Truly Does Heal All Wounds- I was recently catching up with a girlfriend who ran into her ex fiancé randomly when she went back home for a visit. She hadn’t seen him since their very messy breakup three years before. She was explaining to me how she’s been able to move past it and forgive him because she realizes now that a lot of the things he did were in response to things in his own life that he was struggling with. She was able to grow and develop enough compassion to forgive him and move on with her life.

It Makes You Appreciate All of Life’s Experiences- Revisiting where you’ve been makes you appreciate the lessons you learned while you were there and it makes you excited for what the future may bring. Even if you’re experience in a certain place was bad, it should be an empowering feeling to know that you were able to move past it.

How do you feel about revisiting the past?

Enjoy Your Week!!!

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