5 Cash-Boosting Luxury Extras for Your Rental Properties

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Listing your homes on the property market for a rental is tedious. Sites like Airbnb make it easier, yet you still have to wait around for someone to bite. Additionally, there is a ton of competition, and your property needs to stand out. Fortunately, easily installed luxury extras for your rental properties almost guarantee more business and more money.

Air Conditioning Systems

Whether your rentals are in the outback of Australia or the cooler climates of the Canadian Rockies, climate control is essential. Inadequate heating or cooling will potentially make what should be a pleasant stay a disaster. HVAC systems, however, allow tenants to heat or cool their lodgings as they please. Although HVAC isn’t required by law, it can add value to your property when you are looking to sell. Just ensure you use trusted furnace repair services to regularly inspect and maintain the system. 

Built-In Entertainment 

No matter where a tenant chooses to stay, there will be times when they just want to relax and be entertained. For example, despite the glistening mountain views of the French Alps, some people need to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a 77-inch 4K HDR QLED TV with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Additionally, high-end entertainment is excellent for families with young children since it keeps the kids happy while the adults cook dinner or plan activities. And with advances in technology, high-end systems aren’t too expensive these days. 

Ultra-Fast Internet Speed

With the Internet of Things and people’s general dependency on interconnected devices, a high-quality internet connection is essential these days. And customers will expect it. While super-fast internet isn’t always available or a requirement of a typical family, you can cater to a specific niche with faster speeds through a good plan or 5G access. For example, you could expect clients to earn a living as a digital nomad where a solid and reliable internet connection is essential for their business.

Brand New Kitchen

When selling or renting a property, a potential client’s first look is almost always the kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen is also the most used room in the house. As a result, you can command more money for a well-fitted kitchen. The more modern a kitchen is, the more you can potentially earn. In addition to a stove and adequate filtering, a kitchen should be open-plan with a diner, have plenty of counter space, and have a large refrigerator. A brand new kitchen is a considerable initial expense. Yet, if maintained, it will add tons of value for a resale. 

Smart Home Compatibility

As we move further into the 21st century, the smart home is becoming more prevalent. Technological advancements have turned that once expensive feature into something affordable by almost anyone. From simple light bulbs to security and heating systems, a smart home makes everything easier. Apps are typically used to control a smart home’s features and settings. Yet smart hubs like Alexa, Google, and Siri can also be used via voice commands as well.

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