5 Classic Accessories for Summer

Now that summer is here, it is time to update our wardrobes for our summer clothes and accessories. Getting clothes is easier than accessories, though, as you know you are always going to be good with high-waisted shorts and a slogan tee, for example. But how can you make your outfits look more stylish over summer? So here are some fashion accessory trends to help you through the season, and help you to look as stylish as possible.



Pearls are generally seen as a little more for the elderly, rather than as something really trendy. But that is changing this summer, as they are being seen in plenty of different ways. From putting them in hair clips and hairbands much like these one on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/Pearl-Hair, to drop earrings and cuffs, there are plenty of ways to style your accessories with some class, by adding pearls.


Micro Sunglasses.


Gone are the days of super oversized sunglasses. They were quite a big trend several years back. But now, thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, the sunglasses of choice are micro-sunglasses. They are sleek and they are stylish, (and a little Matrix looking if we’re being honest). But they could be just the thing to update an old summer outfit and bring it up to date.


Yellow Gold Jewelry.


Rose gold has been a popular choice for jewelry and accessories of late. But with the rise of Meghan Markle and her custom-made yellow gold ring, as it was described as her favorite, the new Duchess of Sussex has started somewhat of a trend. Yellow gold ring sales has increased by a really large margin! So if you’re in the market for a new ring, much like from a selection here, https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/, then yellow gold could be a good choice (providing that you like it too, of course).


Big, Bold Earrings.


In summer, with the heat and trying to keep cool, keeping your accessories to a minimum can be a good idea. But if you do want to make a statement, then there is nothing better than going for a bold choice of earring. This can add pops of color to an outfit, as well as mean that it is the only accessory that you need to wear. Think large, and think bright and bold for your earrings this summer.




From your earrings to your handbag, tassels are here to stay and are here in a big way. They make a statement, as well as being trendy, but still remaining casual. They are a great choice for summer as they are really wearable and can bring something fun and bright to your outfit.


It would be great to hear what trends you’re looking forward to wearing this summer. Anything that you’ve got planned over the summer? It would be great to hear.

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