5 Different Pets For You To Consider!

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

You may live alone, or perhaps you have a family. In either case, you might feel like something’s missing. Maybe you’re ready to think about adding a pet to the equation.


People like pets because they’re good company. You won’t feel as lonely, and it’s nice having something for which you can care.


Pets often love and appreciate their owners, so that’s another reason to invest in one. However, you will have a different experience depending on what kind of animal you get.


Let’s look at five different ones you might consider adding to your family.


1. Dogs

In many ways, a dog is the quintessential pet. I have two of them who I love so much! Here’s why you shoul consider adopting dogs:


  • Each have a distinct personality
  • Are pack animals, so they like living with families
  • Are often loyal, loving, and intuitive  


Like people, there are highly intelligent dogs and others who are not so bright. Dogs like living with people, though, as the two animals have cohabitated for thousands of years.


We use dogs for work or companionship. As pets, it’s hard to think of a better family addition that everyone will love.


There are potential drawbacks too. There are expenses, like the animal’s medical care, toys, treats, food, etc. You also might have to worry about a dog bite lawsuit if the animal gets loose and attacks someone.


2. Cats

Cats also cohabitate very well with people in many cases. Some people prefer cats to dogs because:


  • They’re cleaner
  • They have an independent mindset


With felines, you never have to worry about cleaning up muddy paw marks all over the floor, assuming it’s an exclusively indoor cat. Cats are a good choice if you want a pet with a distinct personality, but one that takes care of itself more than a dog does.


Some people like cats because they are aloof, which is precisely why other humans don’t care for them. Some individuals feel that cats are snobbish or stuck-up. It’s the opposite of a dog’s loyalty and dependence.


The reality is, though, that cats have distinct personalities, just as dogs do. Some are aloof, but others are friendly and depend on human interaction as much as any dog.


If you have a child clamoring for a family pet, you might opt for a cat over a dog simply because they’re less work. You don’t ever have to walk a cat in the middle of the winter, which is a big plus.


3. Mice, Gerbils, or Hamsters

Maybe your kid wants a pet, but you don’t want to deal with something as substantial as a dog or cat. You might look for a rodent instead. You can get a mouse, rat, gerbil, hamster, or even a guinea pig.


You’ll need to research each option a little bit. They share similar personality traits, and you can keep any of them safely in a cage rather than having them running around the house.


They don’t cost anywhere near as much as a cat or dog. They have personalities of a sort, but nothing as pronounced as the first two pet options we mentioned.


One significant drawback is that they don’t live for very long. Your child’s mouse might live a couple of years, tops. Then you’ll probably have to deal with tears and purchase another one to replace it.


4. Fish

You might decide that your family will do well with an aquatic pet. Fish don’t have very much of a personality. There are many different ones you can get, and they don’t do much of anything but swim around in circles.


Some people find owning and watching fish relaxing. You can feed them and watch them live their quiet, simple lives. However, you can’t exactly play with a fish, take them for walks, etc.


5. Birds

You might also decide to go with a bird. There are dozens of varieties that people keep as pets. Some parrot species live for many decades if you take good care of them.


Birds also have personalities of a sort, but again, it’s not like having a cat or dog. There seems to be a disconnect between a human and a bird. Perhaps some of them can show affection, but it’s not like the obvious devotion a cat or dog might give you.


Some of them sing quite prettily, while others might drive you crazy with the noises you make. Get ready for that if you buy one.


These assorted pets might suit different households. Think about what you prioritize most in a companion before making your choice.


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