5 Exercises That Will Leave You Feeling Good and Looking Great!

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When we try to keep fit the reality is that it can be overwhelming. Because there’s a lot of pressure in our lives we know that we should hit the gym more. Working out is very important as it can boost your mood and strengthen your body. But if you are doing it purely for aesthetics that you don’t actually need to go to the gym. The reality is that there are plenty of toning exercises that you can do at home that will give you a solid level of fitness too. Let’s show you some of the best ones. 


1. The Plank

The plank is one of the best exercises to tone your body and is a form of isometrics. You may be eyeing up coolsculpting fat reduction techniques, but the plank is one of the best ways to tone your body. It is not something you should force because you really hurt your back. Instead, start slow and steady, and aim for 20 to 30 seconds, but even if you give out after 10, don’t worry. Just build up slowly!


2. Squats 

This is the greatest exercise for toning your lower body and your core. It will also increase the flexibility in your hips and legs. Squats are one of the best compound exercises and will burn a lot of calories as they work out the largest muscles in your body. Don’t focus on doing as many as possible. Instead, pay attention to your form. Never let your knees go beyond your toes, tense your core, and go low and slow! 


3. Lunges

Lunges are amazing because they create strengths in your gluteus maximus and your legs. If you are looking for a shortcut to sexy buttocks and legs, this is the one. The other added benefit of lunges is that they are fantastic functional movements. Lunges are a key part of any yoga routine, but you don’t need to head to a yoga class to feel the benefits!


4. Arm Raises

You can do this with light weights, or even cans from the kitchen! But you can work your arms without weights. With your feet shoulder-length apart, put your hands to your sides, facing your palms forward. Raise your arms up and to the side until they are horizontal with your shoulder, and don’t forget to breathe


5. Dumbbell Rows

This exercise is perfect for most muscles in your lower body. Choose dumbbells with a moderate weight, and focus on squeezing at the top of each movement. 


These are all simple exercises you can incorporate into your life. Don’t feel that you need to do them as an all-in-one circuit, although this can benefit your cardio system. But for the woman who has no time, and has found themselves relying on microwave meals for many years, learning to sculpt and tone the body is all about simple routines. You’ll find that after a while, you become addicted to this form of exercise, and the more you do it the better you feel, and the better you look. 


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