5 Foods to Keep You in a Bikini Well Into Your 60’s


5 Foods to Keep You in a Bikini Well Into Your 60’s

Written by Hope Thomas

We may be in our twenties, but we all know that won’t last forever. Now, as semi-responsible adults, we have to start thinking about the future. I want to have my rockin’ bod for thirty more years and it’s important to be healthy to be able to live a long life. Here are five foods that if eaten regularly will keep you in tip-top shape to be in a two piece even at 65.
Wild Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, salmon is good for your heart, plain and simple. Ever wonder why that one aunt of yours remembers everything? Well salmon also helps with memory loss. Don’t forget it.

Kale: This leafy vegetable is packed with Vitamin K which is known for helping with cell growth and blood clotting. Kale is also full of antioxidants as well as fiber.

Broccoli: My favorite vegetable of all time. Need an immunity boost? Broccoli will fix that. One of cabbage’s long lost cousins, broccoli is also high in fiber which will help keep your blood pressure down. Perfect for all you Hulk’s out there.

Lean Meat: Meat is of course high in proteins and vitamins such as zinc and iron, but meat can also be high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Turkey cutlets and boneless, skinless chicken breasts will be your best bet of you aren’t big on red meat. Top loin, roasts and arm roasts are the leanest cuts for those who eat beef.

Red Wine: We all love to drink and when done responsibly, it can be enjoyable as well as beneficial. Red wine has a very important component in it called resveratrol which will lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. To achieve this goal, guys should drink two glasses a day and gals just need one.

Yes, live for now, but of course you want to live to see the future. Having a healthy diet will keep you and your hot bod healthy so that you will meet your great grandkids. The way to be heathy at 60 is to start now and it’s easy when you eat right. If you stay in shape and eat a proper diet, there is no reason to have to get back in shape.

What do you eat to stay healthy and fit? Let us know on Twitter @TheUrbanRealist!

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