The 5 Hottest Beauty YouTube Channels

YouTube has become a community for learning, sharing, and a lot of cat videos. In between the adorable animal videos, music videos, and farfetched comedy skit videos, YouTube has become a home to a striving and growing beauty and fashion gurus. As if the beauty and fashion blogs weren’t enough, now we have live action, hair flipping, make up tutorials, holiday DIYs, and lots of look books to lust after.

Check out these 5 beauty and fashion YouTube channels that we simply can’t live without.

1. ItsMyRayeRaye

Nearing 700,000 followers on her YouTube, Raye Raye’s channel consists of mostly beauty videos, tutorials and hauls, and a few sprinkles of lifestyle videos. If her upbeat, quirky attitude isn’t enough for you to hit the subscribe button, do it for the eyebrows.

2. Evelinicutza


For all your fashion needs, Evelina’s channel is where you need to be. This Russian beauty’s forte is her DIY videos, which helps viewers recreate trends found in every season’s designer items. She’s also happens to be an EDM princess and attends almost all the EDC festivals in North America.

3. Clothesencounters

The channel originally started off with two college girls, but is now ran by the one and only Jenn Im. Her channel revolves around her super edgy style, seriously she could wear a trash bag and make it work. In between all her fashion inspiration videos, she has a variety of travel, beauty, and lifestyle videos.

4. Ohhaiclaire

Claire Marshall
Claire Marshall’s channel is beauty and fashion centric. Claire is a complete badass, flaunting a tattoo covered body and rocker girl sense of style. It’s easy to see that her audience is not only attracted to her content, but her video editing style will leave you in awe as she goes above and beyond just voice-overs and talking to a camera. If that isn’t enough her cat, Bruce, makes guests appearances in her videos too.

5. Essie Button

Essie Button
Down. To. Earth. In between her monthly favorites, food and fitness videos, and hauls, Essie’s best quality may be her personality. She’s not afraid to lay it down in TMI videos about food cravings or weird quirks that happens around that special time of month. Her videos are extremely personal and really make you feel like she’s your friend. She’s always up close and personal.


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