5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Abroad

Thinking of moving to another country? There’s a lot to consider when becoming an expat. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving abroad.


1. Not obtaining the right legal documents.

When moving to any other country, certain legal documentation will usually be required. It’s important that you’ve secured all the right documentation before making your move – otherwise you could get stopped at the border, fined or even jailed. In many cases, it could be worth hiring the help of a legal specialist such as an immigration lawyer for K1 fiance visas. This could ensure that you have all the paperwork in place that you need.


2. Failing to learn the local language.

You’re likely to find people fluent in English in most countries around the world. However, in countries where English is not the first language, it could still be worth learning the basics of the local language. This is because there could be some people that you encounter that don’t speak English. Speaking some of the local language will help you to be accepted and you’ll find it much easier to make local friends. There are apps that you can download to help you learn languages. Alternatively, it could be worth taking foreign language classes before you move.


3. Not securing a job first.

Moving abroad without securing a job first can be risky. You don’t want to spend your first few months in a country financially struggling because you have no source of income. In most cases, you could also find it harder to get a visa or seek citizenship without a job. You can look for jobs online – some employers will even allow you to do an interview online or over the phone. Make sure that you have all the documentation you need for the job.


4. Neglecting to research local laws and customs.

The laws and customs of every country are different. These are worth researching beforehand so that you don’t accidentally offend people – or worse get fined or arrested for doing something illegal. If you plan on driving, learning the laws of the road in that country could be paramount. This could include speed limits and rules concerning headlight usage. Laws involving substances could also be important to research – alcohol consumption is illegal in some countries, while other countries have strict laws on smoking.


5. Forgetting to factor in the cost of living.

It’s also important to consider the cost of living in the country you’re moving to. While you may be earning more in some countries, you could also be spending more. Big costs to consider include accommodation, energy bills, food, transport, healthcare and taxes. Cost of living may vary in some countries depending on whether you’re living near a major city or near major attractions. You can research the cost of living of different countries online


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