5 Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty of Making


Hey, nobody’s perfect, right? We all make mistakes. They are part and parcel of life, and hopefully, we learn from the blunders we make, pick ourselves up, and move on by making better choices. 


You can probably create a list of your personal mistakes in life. They are probably coming to your mind as you are reading this article. How do they make you feel? Stupid? Guilty? Ashamed? Join the club if so, as you aren’t alone. As we suggested at the beginning, none of us are immune to those screw-up moments. But here’s the thing. We shouldn’t let them rule our lives forever. We shouldn’t feel like a permanent failure because of them. Life goes on, and so do we, and in the process, we must make attempts to remove ourselves from those life errors that threatened to derail us. 


In this article, we are going to list some of those life mistakes that we can all be guilty of making. But rather than dwell upon them if they relate to you, consider our suggestions to help you make better choices.


Mistake #1: Breaking the law


Chances are, you are probably a law-abiding citizen. So, the possibility of an overnight stay in a local police cell might be something you have never envisioned.  Still, mistakes happen, and there could be a day when you do break the law. It could be a DUI offense after mistakenly assuming you had the full mental capacity to drive. It could be a speeding offense when hurrying to get home from work. And you could get dragged down by another, perhaps even a friend, who tempts you to break a particular law. It happens!


Still, it’s not the end of the world if you do break the law, especially if you are able to see the error of your ways. With the right lawyer on your side, you might be able to minimize the charges against you. And with an affordable bail bonds company akin to Amistad Bail Bonds, LLC, you might be able to alleviate the expensive consequences of your law-breaking. 


Of course, if you are found guilty, there are other consequences you might have to consider, such as loss of reputation as well as a jail term. But should you be beholden to your crimes forever, no matter how big or small? No! You should make a concerted effort to know the laws in your state to ensure you don’t make a mistake again. And you should set about repairing your life by living honestly and mindfully. You might also seek the professional assistance of others if you need PR help or if you need assistance in finding employment with a criminal record


So, don’t break the law, but if you do or if you already have, try to think positively about your life, and make every effort to move on with repentance and self-improvement in your heart.


Mistake #2: Getting into debt

When funds are low, many of us are tempted to take out a loan or credit card. We can also be tempted to take out further loans and cards to pay off existing debts. We can also mismanage our finances, buy things we know we can’t afford, and neglect the need to keep an emergency fund to save us during times of financial difficulty. Big mistakes all, and you might be able to relate to them, especially if you are currently struggling with debt. 


Still, despite any money mistakes you may have made on your way to the debt trap, you don’t have to be beholden to your poor financial situation forever. We have some excellent advice for you in this article on managing debt, so there are solutions to your problems if you are currently struggling. There are also debt charities set up in every state, so do a Google search of your area and seek the help of those people who can support you in your situation.


And when you’re out of debt? Be wiser with your spending. Take a budgeting course if you need to, and create good habits so you save money across the board. You might also do what you can to boost your income, as this way, you should be able to make more savings in your life for the purchases you want, and for life’s emergency situations. 


Having no money sucks, but getting into debt is worse. So, do what you can to stay out of debt but seek help if you do find yourself with financial difficulties. 


Mistake #3: Ignoring our health needs


We only have one life on this planet, right? Why then do so many of us neglect our health needs? We only shorten our life span by doing so, and we later live with regrets when we realize we should have done more to look after ourselves. We wish we had done more to exercise instead of spending too many hours on the sofa with our snacks and TV remotes. We wish we had booked those important health appointments earlier. And we wish we had cut out those bad habits that ultimately affected our health and wellbeing. If only we could have lived better!


Of course, you might be the epitome of good health. But if you’re not, and if you know you need to be doing more to care for your health needs, then do so. Find ways to remain physically active. Eat the foods that are good and not bad for you. Book your health appointments. And either through sheer willpower or with the support of others, finally get on top of those habits that are derailing your health.


Know too that it’s never too late to care for your health. So, if you have already damaged yourself because of your mistakes, don’t assume you are beyond help. Seek medical assistance if you need to. Ask for support from your loved ones. And let the fact that you do have one life on this earth drive you towards better choices. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will feel the benefits. 


Mistake #4: Staying in the same job

Do you remember the reminder we gave you in our last point about only having one life on earth? It’s something worth remembering, especially where your job is concerned. You see, so many of us take turns into careers that we aren’t suited to, or we stay in jobs that do little to fund our lifestyles and reward our souls. We become miserable, and later live with regrets of what might have been; if only we had changed job earlier, if only we had taken a better path in our careers. If only…


It might be that you are relating to this point yourself, especially if the job you are in offers you little value. And if you are relating, know that it’s never too late to make that leap into another job or career. Rather than bemoaning your lot in life, go back to the employment pages online or in your local newspaper. Consider the courses that you might need to take to move into a better job or career. And reflect on the dreams you had once upon a time about your ideal career and seek advice from a careers counselor to help you make your dreams become a reality. You could do any of these things, or you could (and this is the worst option), stay where you are, and remain miserable. 


Okay, so we know that making the move into a new job or career is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. Follow our suggestions above, and consider these steps to a successful career change (and the surrounding articles) for some other good ideas. 


Mistake #5: Not spending enough time with our families

We are talking about your parents, your partners, and your children! These are important people in your life, but it might be that you are sometimes too busy for them. You might work long hours at work. You might sacrifice your family for your friends. And you might find excuses not to spend more time with the people who love you.


Many of us fall into the trap of becoming too busy, of course. Many of us take our families for granted. It’s only later that we regret our earlier decisions when our parents are no longer with us, or when our partner and children have grown distant from us. It’s at these points that we realize we only have ourselves to blame.


So, think about your relationships. If you know you need to spend more time with your family, then do so. Leave your work in your office, tell your friends you will see them another day, and cut out any other excuse that might limit the time you have with your loved ones. Have that time with them, take part in fun activities, give them a hug, and tell them that you love them. Even the rockiest of relationships can be rectified through quality time together, so no matter how good or bad your relationship statuses are right now, make those positive changes today.


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