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Think You’re Ready to Get Engaged? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Think You’re Ready to Get Engaged? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Written by Danielle Adinolfi, MFT

Originally Published on PhiladelphiaMFT

Getting engaged is a huge step in a relationship and can feel very overwhelming. Here are some things to think about before popping the question to know if you’re ready to say “I do.”

1. Do you work well together?
It may seem obvious, but our partner should bring out the best in us. If you can say that is true in your relationship, than you’re off to a good start.

2. Do you have lives outside of one another?
You should both have a full life and support system separate from one another. When your worlds completely overlap it can be a catalyst for trouble. Work in the same office? Have some friends that are yours alone, and let your partner spend time with their own friends.

3. Do you agree about the big issues?
It’s important to know where your potential spouse stands on big issues such as children, finances, religion and geography. If you don’t want kids and your partner does, that is a problem that won’t resolve itself with an engagement ring. Be sure you talk with one another.

4. Does my partner get along with my family?
When someone’s spouse and their family have a tumultuously relationship, those ill feelings bleed over into the relationship. This may not be a deal breaker, but it should be addressed asap before it gets out of control. For additional resources and advice visit here.


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