Broke Vegan: 5 Quick Tips for Eating Vegan on the Cheap!

Chipotle Seitan Tacos

5 Quick Tips for Eating Vegan on The Cheap

Written by Whitney Blomquist

Eating a healthy, vegan diet is realistic and can be inexpensive if you take some time to perfect your shopping, eating, and time-management habits. Here are few tips to help you on your journey:

  1. Buy in Bulk. When you see a sale, stock up!! Beans, tofu, almond milk, lentils, oats, pasta, agave, and rice are all items that have a relatively long shelf life and are staples in almost every vegan diet. There is no need to stock up every single time you see a sale, just when you’re running low. You should even try to buy fruits and veggies in bulk when possible, leading me to the next tip…
  2. The Freezer is your Friend! When you do find your favorite fruits and veggies on sale remember that most fruits and vegetables do just fine in the freezer. I buy onions, green peppers, tomatoes, bananas, and watermelon in bulk and package them in the freezer. You can freeze nearly every fruit/vegetable, and while it is not the freshest option, it does save money and time, and prevents food waste. Additionally, sometimes already frozen produce can be a more affordable option as well.
  3.  Embrace imperfection. Many grocery stores offer a section of discounted produce and packaged goods. Often times, the produce is bruised or close to going bad and the dry goods usually have a dent in the can or box. I always buy the discounted bananas and other fruit and turn it into smoothies I can eat throughout the week. Just because an item isn’t perfect, does not mean it can’t be turned into something delicious!
  4. Plan ahead. I am the biggest culprit of NOT doing this. I’ll go to the store and buy whatever I think looks good or is on sale and not have any meals in mind to make with my purchases. Take an hour of your time and build a menu for the week so you go in with a plan and an idea of how much you’re going to be spending.
  5. Use your resources. The Internet has tons of recipes for cheap, healthy vegan meal ideas, as well as hundreds of tips I haven’t mentioned. There are also great (cheap) cookbooks that I recommend and use weekly. Simply Vegan and Conveniently Vegan are two of my favorites. Finally, use coupons! I often forget about these valuable little things or associate them with crazy mom coupon-ers, but they actually come in handy and most are available on smart phone apps so you do not need to print them out.

One  more thing, did you know that a eating a vegan diet can save you about $3.50 a day? Check it out here. So no more excuses that eating vegan is to expensive!

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