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5 Reasons Why Dating Someone Who Inspires You is ESSENTIAL

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5 Reasons Why Dating Someone who Inspires You is ESSENTIAL

Written By Angelica 

In my life I have dated and liked some pretty incredible people and some kind of terrible ones. In the past, I’ve let some great ones go. These men were good to me. They made me laugh, were tons of fun, and supported me in many instances. In my humble opinion, they were all attractive. Yet for some inexplicable reason, we failed. I say we because a relationship is a two way street, and in no way did the guys I’m talking about wrong me. I simply felt, something was lacking. Even though I could never necessarily say, “This is what’s wrong,” I have ended relationships because of that void.

One man made me realize what was missing: inspiration. You see, while these other guys were good people, they just didn’t inspire me in any way. So here are 5 reasons dating someone who inspires you is essential:

1. Our dreams will be pursued.

All of our lovely ambitions can often find themselves halted due to unexpected events. We unintentionally leave them behind while trying to live and before we realize it, we haven’t actually lived the life we wanted. But being with someone who inspires you changes that. They refuse to let you forget these plans. Even if they don’t constantly remind you or nag you, their drive and their life motivates you to do the things you always wanted. With a guy who inspires you, your back burner dreams will come to life.

2. You will never settle.

When I dated men who didn’t inspired me I felt content. They liked me, and I liked myself. That was it, right? I never felt compelled to improve myself or my situation. I settled for a good, but mediocre life because I wasn’t inspired. Sure I could have inspired myself, but what was the point when I was decently happy and had someone who was also content with where I was?

3. You discover who you truly are.

Not only who you are, but you also discover the type of person you want to be. Someone who continuously inspires you will make you search inside more often. They will compel you to evaluate yourself and discover what it is you truly want. Because they make you look inside, you will truly discover the person you are – soul searching can do wonders. More importantly, after this discovery, you can decide if you really like this person, or if you want to become something more.

4. Life will never be stagnant.

I am not saying it will never be settled or balanced. But it will never be stationary or dead. You will always be moving somewhere, going forwards, with a partner who inspires you. Instead of feeling like you’re stuck in limbo now or in 20 years, you will feel like you’re still going somewhere, and that the journey is worth it. Inspirational people will always be the one to softly tickle that desire in us to do something.

5. The possibilities are endless.

Only a partner who inspires you can make you want to discover more about the world around you. They will make you want to learn more than you ever imagined. You will ask questions and then you will search for the answers. With this type of life, imagine what you can accomplish. Dreams you never dared to dream will start to take shape, which is an exciting concept in itself. Your possibilities are endless with a man who inspires you, so go an find one!


Angelica is a writer currently living in Northern California. She was born and raised in Texas and has also lived in Maine and South Africa. Angelica has two degrees from Santa Clara University in English Lit and Business Marketing. When she is not writing, you can find her reading or eating ice cream, probably both. Follow her here: @anneerae and see her blog

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