5 Reasons to Visit Monaco

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If you are someone who loves luxury, the chances are you’ll have spent your fair share of time in Monaco or Monte Carlo, strolling along the marina and looking out at the yachts wishing you owned one of the multi-million dollar vessels. It’s not all about the marine life, though, when it comes to reasons to visit Monaco. While it isn’t exactly a short hop from the USA to Monaco, with a little creativity, the long flight with the likes of Aer Lingus, American Airlines, or British Airways (all carriers heading towards Monaco), there’s no need for the journey to be an off-putting factor when it comes to dreaming of visiting this most awe-inspiring of locations.

Let’s find out more about what makes Monaco such an appealing destination for luxury-lovers.

1. The romance of the greatest Formula 1 race.

In the USA, Formula 1 has never quite managed to become more popular than NASCAR. It has, in fact, struggled to retain the right level of popularity needed for a race in the US. While a recent $8billion takeover by Liberty Media is hoping to inspire more interest in a race that has existed on and off since 1908, in Monaco, they boast the unique status of being able to pay zero fees to host the race simply because of the romance and drama the location provides for the F1 franchise.

Sure, overtaking is hard, you need to be a multi-millionaire to get the best seats, and eating out won’t be cheap (nor will the accommodation for the dates surrounding the race) but, if you want to experience racing at its very best, the glitz and glamor of Monaco is unbeatable. Indeed, if you really want to know how much this race means to drivers, just have a look at the footage from when Michael Schumacher decided to park his car on the track to stop others from challenging him in the race!

2. A flight of fancy.

Sadly, there is no airport that is easy to use for flying straight into Monaco or Monte Carlo but, what there is, is an abundance of is helipads! This means that if you fly into Monaco, you can truly enjoy the luxury of doing so in style on a helicopter run by companies like Heli Air Monaco, and made easy through booking services like Azur Helicopter.

If you have the pleasure of flying into Monaco, not only will you see the principality in the most scenic way possible but you’ll also get to feel like a rock star as you head into your hotel, safe in the knowledge that many people will be wondering who you are and what you are doing in Monaco. Little do they know you might just be thinking of kicking back and relaxing as you look to enjoy a comfortable way of traveling!

3. Explore nature while enjoying luxury.

It’s certainly not instantly obvious to link the luxury of Monaco and Monte Carlo to the world’s best wildlife destinations but did you know that you can see some incredible sites from the world of nature at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco? With around 336,000 visitors visiting Monaco and Monte Carlo each year (a number that is growing), this can be a nice place in which to escape the crowds.

The building itself is truly stunning and, with a shark lagoon, tropical fish, and the chance to explore the marine life of the Mediterranean Sea, this is an often overlooked tourist destination, but one well worth a visit.

4. The enticing nightlife scene. 

If it’s nightlife you’re after, Monte Carlo is where it’s at. Up there with the best is the Monte Carlo Bar. This isn’t the shiniest or the flashiest of nightlife locations but it’s eminently affordable and open from 8 am to 1 am every day. This isn’t a celebrity haunt but, if it’s authenticity with a French touch you want, you can’t ask for more.

Of course, when it comes to nightlife in Monte Carlo, there is another important reason to visit: the chance to win big! Indeed, Monte Carlo boasts a proud history of people picking red or black in the game of roulette, which, as Betway Casino mentions, has been a leisurely pursuit since the 18th century. Roulette has long been associated with Monte Carlo and the casinos there today are part of a lifestyle of serious leisure, with the Casino de Monte-Carlo embodying this approach.

Monte Carlo has some of the most stunning casinos in the world, several of which have featured in films like James Bond. There is also a local quirk that states locals can’t use the casino, including those who rule the principality!

Should you want to enjoy a truly memorable evening, a quick helicopter trip combined with an opera house and casino visit could well make a few hours some of the most luxurious you’ll experience anywhere in the world.

5. Supercars and speed dreams.

James Bond might well have graced casinos but what he is perhaps more famous for is his love of an Aston Martin. While an Aston Martin might cost over $200,000, renting one and having a drive around a Formula 1 racetrack and looking out over the sea is far cheaper, and a pretty priceless experience for driving fans.

You could look at other brands like Ferrari but, to truly enjoy the chance to show off, you want to be driving around in an Aston.

These are just a few of the reasons why Monaco is a must-visit for fans of the luxurious lifestyle but it’s by no means a comprehensive list, and we haven’t even scraped the surface of the gorgeous food on offer, the history contained within the city walls, and the day trips open to you if you have some spare time. Go and explore for yourself; you may just fall in love with the place.

Photo by Nick Karvounis

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