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5 Simple Tips For Fitness and Health Success

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

I know how hard it can be to get into a healthy routine.

Forcing yourself to go to the gym can feel so tedious.

Deciding to choose a fish entree over a delicious, juicy steak can feel like such a battle.

Although getting in shape and healthy can feel like a huge mountain to climb, once you get into a routine, you will begin to feel better physically and mentally.

If you want to begin your health and fitness journey, check out my list of tips below!

1. Commit to Exercising At Least 4x A Week

I know, I know- that sounds like a huge and intense commitment!

But trust me, it doesn’t have to be!

Even if you just commit to 20 minutes of exercise 4x a week, your body will thank you!

If you’re worried that you won’t have time between work, errands, and home life, there are ways to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to adding a fitness routine to your life.

Instead of driving half a mile to grab your morning coffee, consider waking up a little earlier and walking to grab your latte.

Being outdoors will invigorate you, and you’ll get your steps in.

Cubii under desk elliptical

If you work long hours in the office, consider purchasing an under desk elliptical.

Cubii has an array of different ellipticals, and one thing I love about them is that I can use the elliptical at my desk or at my couch when I’m binge-watching tv.

There’s something rewarding about being able to exercise while doing other activities!


2. Keep A Food Journal

This is a very broad tip when it comes to your fitness and health success because a food journal can look different for everyone.

Some people opt to use a food journal to track their calories.

Others choose to write down what they ate and why they ate it- getting into the psychology of their food decision-making.

Find what works best for you and then stick with it!

I personally love this wellness journal from Papier- it tracks your food as well as water intake, moods, self-care ideas, etc.

3. Listen To Your Body

Does your stomach start to hurt after eating pepperoni pizza?

Do you feel bloated after eating an everything bagel?

These are all things to take into account when it comes to your fitness and health success.

Instead of following fad diet trends, consider how you feel after you eat each meal.

While fruits and vegetables are imperative for leading a healthy lifestyle, if broccoli leaves you with cramps, it might be time to opt for a different vegetable.

4. Make Restful Sleep A Priority

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this, but getting restful sleep is imperative not only for your physical health but your mental health as well.

If you struggle with falling asleep, wind down your day by reading a book before bed.

Make sure you put your phone away at least an hour before bedtime.

I personally listen to brown noise on my Amazon Echo- it puts me to sleep within minutes of lying down.

5. Stay Motivated

Keeping a positive mindset is an essential element in achieving your fitness and health goals.

But the truth is that being motivated constantly can be a struggle.

If you struggle with staying motivated, here are a few things that might help:

  • Create a board on Pinterest of all of the outfits, you’d like to wear once you reach your fitness goal
  • Reward yourself every time you reach a new achievement
  • Make a vision board of how you want your life to look once you’re healthy

Once you’re motivated, you’ll eventually develop the discipline to keep your fitness journey going!

Fitness and health success can be achieved and using the above tips will make it a bit easier for you!

This blog post was in partnership with Responsival. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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