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5 Simple Tips I’ve Used To Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag is the absolute worse thing to battle when traveling long distances. It’s bad enough traveling can be taxing on our bodies, but you throw in the several hour time difference and you can legitimately feel like you’re going a little crazy! Not only can jet lag be exhausting, but it can mess with our internal clock and cause your balance to be thrown off. I’ve put together five simple tips I’ve used to beat it so that you can enjoy your travels without missing a beat!

1. This Sucks, but Avoid the Caffeine. 

This is the one I struggle the most with since I survive off of caffeine daily. Caffeine can throw our balance off when it comes to sleeping on the flight, so it’s going to make your attempts at beating jet lag harder.

2. Don’t Stay Up, Sleep More Instead.

Most people don’t get enough sleep as it is, so if the choice is staying up and watching in-flight movies or sleeping more, always choose to sleep more so you can wake up feeling better. 


3. Skip the Medication or Don’t. 

Some people say you should skip any type of medication- be it caffeine pills, sleeping pills or anything else that could interrupt your sleep. I think you have to do whatever works for your body! I know I have to have Xanax or Melatonin on a long flight or I won’t get an ounce of sleep. Try different methods and see what works best for you and your body! 


4. Get Comfortable.

Another problem is being uncomfortable during your travels. You want to ensure maximum comfort when traveling and sleeping so that you actually get a good night’s rest instead of tossing and turning all night! I’m a big believer in wearing a cute Nike set that’s comfy but still stylish. Also, don’t forget socks! Your feet will definitely get cold on long flights. Some people find neck pillows super helpful when resting as well. 


5. Follow a Sleeping Schedule. 

One of the best ways to overcome jet lag is to follow a sleep schedule such as the one below. It can help you gradually shift your sleeping pattern so that you can avoid jet lag and wake up feeling refreshed and excited about your travels.


Infographic By:  Mattress Advisor

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