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5 Things That Give SEX a Run For It’s Money

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Written By Danasia Fantastic

5 Things That Give Sex a Run For It’s Money

Sex is one of the most amazing and beautiful things known to man. It can be an intense expression of love, or it can be something scandalous and raunchy, well and just plain sexy. That said I’ve recently come up with a list 5 Things that seriously give sex a run for it’s money:

1. Bacon- Need I say more? I mean Bacon is the candy of meats. I think it should come with everything! Caesar Salad? Bacon. French fries? Bacon. Filet mignon? Bacon.

2. Answering Nature’s Call First Thing in The Morning- Now hear me out on this one. There are few things as good as that feeling of finally peeing after holding it in all night because you were too lazy to go to the bathroom! I swear an angel sings every time (well maybe not, but you get the picture).

3. That After Workout High- Anyone who works out consistently knows about this. It’s that immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that literally leaves you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud! If you have no clue what I’m talking about? You’re obviously not working out hard enough.

4. Success- Few things feel as good as reaching your goals.

5. That Intimate Connection- Some of us have spent a significant amount of time having sex “to feel good” and let loose, without actually having an intimate connection with any of the people we’re sleeping with. Sex for sex’s sake is fun, but there’s nothing like having a serious connection with someone. Trust me.

I’d love to hear what your 5 things would be!


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