5 Things That’ll Help You Find Your Life’s Direction

Do you ever wonder whether you are heading in the right direction in life? Whether or not your pursuing the best calling, living in the right place, and even looking for the right type of people to form connections with? Well, you’re not alone! I find myself asking these same questions more often then I care to admit. Thankfully, there are some strategies you can use to reassure you that you are on the right path. Just read on to find out what they are.


1. Take a test

It may sound simple, but there are actually a lot of accurate and insightful tests out there that can help you to discover whether you are pursuing the things that are most fulfilling in your life.

One particular that is well worth trying is taking an MBTI test and discovering what your personality type is. Then you can use this information to find a career, activities, and even significant others that go well with what you have to offer. Something that means these things feed yourself and your soul more than they detract from it.


2. Ask your bestie. 


Whether you have a single BFF, or a whole squad of trusted confidant, asking the opinion of those that love you most and know you best can be a fantastic way of gaining insight on whether you’re heading in the right direction in life.

After all, who is better to give you guidance than those that not only see you regularly but also those that genuinely care for you and have your best interest at heart? Of course, you’ll have your work cut out for you if your squad doesn’t all agree, but at least you will be provided with some insight on what your options are.


3. Get some spiritual advice.


Next, when it comes to their direction in life, many folks turn to the Spiritual to help them decide whether they are on the right path. For example, someone confused about whether to relocate for a new job, get into a new relationship, or having problems with their family may speak to the spiritual leader of their community, and ask them for guidance and prayer.

Of course, spirituality is not only limited to the organized religious groups like Christianity and Islam, and many people look for guidance via alternatives spiritual practices such as chanting, meditation, and even astrology.

In fact, you can visit sites like ask astrology to find out more able the various practices designed to provide guidance for your life, based on the movement of the planets and stars. Something that many people find helpful when searching for direction in life.  


4. Do a for and against table.

OK, so writing a two column table with ‘for’ on one side and ‘against” on the other may sound like an oversimplified solution when you’re trying to make a big decision about the direction you need to move in life. However, it can actually work, but not necessarily for the reason that you expect.

The traditional idea being that if the ‘for’ side benefits outnumber the ‘against’ side entries you have a clear winner. However, what I tend to go by is the side that you actually end up rooting for, even if it does have fewer entries. After all, it is this that shows you have an emotional connection with that particular direction, and so makes it more likely that it will be the right one to follow.


5. Think about what you thought you wanted to be when you were a kid.


Finally, another helpful way of determining whether you are following the direction that is best for you in life is to cast your mind back to what you wanted when you were a child.

Of course, our aims and goals do change as we grow up, but this can often be a double-edged sword. After all, we may not have been able to become an astronaut like what we wanted to do when we were ten, and that good because we are more realistic. However, we also may have given up drawing and being an artist to focus on other things, and so ended up missing out on vital, fun, and playful areas that could enhance the way we live our life now.

In fact, when it comes to getting in touch with your inner child, just a little common sense can help you discern a good idea, from a pie in the sky one. Something that can free you up to find a more creative, and fulfilling direction in life, and even allow you to discover your own true north.  


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