5 Things to Look Out for On Your Travel Insurance

Whether you enjoy visiting new destinations, engaging with the locals, or soaking up different cultures and environments, there are many reasons why millions of us travel across the world every year. If you’re about to book a holiday overseas, you should never underestimate the importance of travel insurance.

Travel insurance is designed to protect you for everything while you are away from home, including medical costs, loss of belongings, and theft. If you haven’t purchased a policy yet and your trip is on the horizon, it’s not too late to take out travel insurance. To ensure you’re fully covered for your holiday, here are 5 things to look out for on your travel insurance.

Restrictions on Trip Length

When it comes to finding the best travel insurance policy, it’s crucial that you establish how many consecutive days overseas you will be covered for. Each travel insurance provider will have different limits set, and should you go over this limit by one day, you will find that your insurance is no longer valid. So, if you were to have an emergency on your trip, you will have no protection. 

Destinations That May Be Excluded

Before you head off on your holiday, it’s vital that you double check that your policy protects you for the destination you are going to. Each policy will vary and if you’re unsure on what to look out for, the process can be difficult to navigate. There are some travel insurance providers who group Egypt and Turkey under European cover, whereas other providers will list them separately. Additionally, if you want worldwide cover, this may not include the United States and Canada. Wherever you’re heading to, make sure that your policy covers your destination. 

Adventure Holidays

While there are lots of people who love nothing more than to sit by the beach and relax in the sun, others enjoy taking part in fun filled activities like scuba diving and bungee jumping. If this sounds like you, it’s important that you check whether your travel insurance provider will cover you should you have an accident overseas. There are some policies which will exclude these kinds of activities, while others will be prepared to cover you if you pay a bit extra. 

COVID-19 Cover

Over the past six months, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt on domestic holidays. With travel restrictions easing and tightening by the day, it can be difficult to navigate whether you should book a holiday abroad or not. However, companies like Staysure can provide travel insurance for your next European trip that includes COVID-19 cover, helping to give you extra peace of mind. Staysure have helped over 7 million people with their travel insurance, and they have won a string of awards, including Best Travel Insurance Provider by the British Travel Awards in 2019. 


While you do have the option to purchase your travel insurance on the same day you’re heading overseas, it can be worth buying it at the same time you book your trip. Doing so will mean you are covered in the event that you need to cancel your trip due to redundancy or illness. Although it will be hard to cancel a holiday you’ve been looking forward to, knowing you have travel insurance behind you will mean you won’t lose out on money that you’ve paid towards your trip.

Whether you’re heading on a European adventure or jet setting to the other side of the globe, travel insurance can cover you for emergencies, travel, and accommodation expenses, and most recently, COVID-19 protection. Your safety and security should be your top priority, and as emergencies can happen anywhere and everywhere, travel insurance is a must for your trip.

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