5 Tips for Planning The Perfect Engagement

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Are you ready to propose to that special someone but not sure how to? There are a plethora of trends on popular platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which can make the perfect proposal seem intimidating. However, a proposal doesn’t always have to be big and fancy. The most important thing is that it is well thought out and personalized to whomever you are proposing to. This kind of mindset will help you take the pressure off an already scary thing to do, and help you focus on your proposal, rather than compare it with others. 

If you are struggling with what to do, here are some top tips to help you get started with planning the perfect engagement. 

#1 The ring

The most important thing to start with is a ring. You will need to ensure you have the ring purchased and ready for the special day. To make the engagement extra special, why not look at custom rings for your partner rather than selecting a random one? If you head to a diamond store, you will be able to custom design your ring, using different shapes and colors that will both surprise and delight your partner. 

#2 Pick a location that is sentimental to you both 

You can pick what seems the most simple location, but if there is a meaning behind the location, then it makes it all the more special. Perhaps there is a place you first met, went on a first date, had your first kiss, or have spent some valuable time making memories with each other or family over the years. Alternatively, you can go and explore somewhere new, perhaps on a hike, on a canoe in the river, or in a new city on a short break away together. This way you are creating new memories together and can turn somewhere new into your special place. It will be unexpected this way too. 

#3 Surround yourself with family and friends

If it is possible, and in an accessible location, then why not invite your close friends and family along too? They can be there while you do it, or hiding in the distance, to celebrate with after you have popped the question. This can make it an extra special occasion, as you share the moment with people you both love. 

#4 Sunrise or sunset 

Aiming for a sunrise, or sunset can make the proposal all the more special, as the golden light shines on you and creates a magical atmosphere. This will take a little extra planning, to ensure you get a clear sky and the correct timings, but will be well worth it. 

#5 Speak from your heart 

Don’t try to find something good off the internet to say. The best proposals come from words of truth. Speak from your heart, and let your partner know how you feel about them and why you want to marry them. You can prepare something, just make sure it is your own words and unique to your partner. 

The perfect proposal doesn’t have to be anything big, fancy, or expensive. As long as there is a lot of thought put into the occasion, then it will be perfect.

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