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5 Tips to Help You Cope With Moving

While everyone is quick to tell you about the practical aspects of moving, such as arranging storage and decluttering, booking services, you still need to deal with the emotional impact of leaving the environment you are used to.

If you find it hard to deal with change, and want to improve your coping skills, you will find the few tips below super helpful! They’ll teach you to overcome the fear of the unknown and manage your schedule better, without getting too emotional.


1. Say the Goodbyes.

The main reason why people are unable to deal with change, and get ready emotionally to moving is that they have some issues to sort out. If you want to have a chat about your neighbors about that garden party you got drunk on, or make sure you will keep in touch, you should get the conversation done as soon as possible. The more you say it loud the more it will become a reality. You need to start telling people you are moving, so they can be ready, and let you know if they want to stay in touch. If you change jobs, hold a party to say goodbye to all your colleagues.

2. Find Something to Look Forward to.

To avoid missing your old home and environment, or at least reduce the sadness, you can visit your new neighborhood, and find a hobby you always wanted to do. Go to the local church, and see if there are any volunteering opportunities. Find a local amateur basketball or rugby team, or sign up for your first induction at the local gym. Book a ticket to the local theater, and give yourself the chance to get to know your new environment.

3. Take A Step Back.

If you are moving out of your family home, and have to temporarily live back with your parents, it might be a good idea to distance yourself from the house emotionally. Whether you can no longer afford the mortgage, or are going through divorce, maybe you need to look after a family member, you can get a move-in cleaning company to get your house ready for the new people, instead of spending too much time around your old memories.

4. Make New Friends.

To avoid getting lonely and depressed, you need to start making new friends as soon as possible. Visit the community center, attend events, and festivals, and volunteer in the community, so you can get to know people faster. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and offer help whenever you can. This way, you can get started with building a new life straight away.

5. Create a “Glad List”.

It is inevitable to wake up sad some days, and miss your old home. You can change your attitude and outlook by creating a “glad list” every morning, giving yourself reasons why you are happy to live where you do, and what you are looking forward to.


Moving home has several emotional aspects, and many people get depressed over having to leave their usual environment and friends. Use the above methods to become more positive about the new chapter in your life.

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