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5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Workout Routine in Winter

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Once winter hibernation mode sets in, it can be really hard to find the motivation to move forward with your workout routine. Mornings can be particularly tough as it’s hard to get out of bed when we’re warm and snug in blankets. It’s said that our brain is at its most lethargic state in the winter because most of the body energy is spent on keeping ourselves warm. This can especially throw a damper on many of our workout routines and plans because the grueling nature of the workout itself requires mental determination and stamina. However, committing to a routine in the winter is definitely doable and just requires a little bit of different thinking. Here are five tips that will help you stick to your workout routine in winter.

  1. Get warm clothes to embrace the cold. What you wear can greatly impacts how you feel when you’re working out. Knowing that you will be warm and snug during your outdoor run will help make it easier to jump into a workout. In addition, wearing colorfully coordinated workout outfits that are suitable for winter will help you want to wake up and get going. Go the extra mile for good running socks, gloves, and a winter headband.


  1. Hook yourself up to a great playlist. This will help take your mind off the crunches, twists, obliques, or cardio that you are about to put yourself through. When picking your tunes, always ensure that you go with a catchy, upbeat 120 to 140 beats per minute sounds. Fast beats have been shown to lift your spirits and make you want to move.


  1. Try some extra supplements. Nootropics are brain supplements that help you destress and improve your concentration by reducing high levels of stress-stimulated catecholamine neurotransmitter. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is an important amino acid precursor that improves memory, alertness, mood swings, and gives you increased ability to multitask. This is especially useful for those really horrible mornings when you have zero energy to do rigorous workouts and could really use a healthy pick-me-up that can aid in improving your mood.


  1. Get a trainer or workout buddy. Getting a personal trainer until you can go off your training wheels is a great idea, primarily during the winter months. Dedicated personal trainers take their jobs very seriously and will definitely ensure that you put in the time that you paid for. Having a trained professional watching you like a hawk will certainly reduce your inclination to cheat for one. An added bonus is that as trainers they have a better idea about what areas of your body needs toning or workout. They will most likely help you chart a better exercise plan. This will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently compared to going round in circles till you figure out a plan you like by yourself. If you cannot afford a trainer, then make sure you have a dedicated buddy who can pull those blankets off of you and get you out in the fresh air.


  1. Mix it up a little. Always rotate your exercise routine. Getting up every day and doing the same thing over and over again can become dull and may discourage you from getting up in the morning. By daily changing your levels or kinds of exercise, you can ensure that you have worked out every part of your body. It will also help you stay committed to your goals. To add more spice, make a game of it so that your exercise routine for the day will remain a mystery till you start. You could do heavy workouts like cardio, HIIT workouts, Pilates, kickboxing, or yoga on the days you feel great. On the days you feel like you are in the rut, give yourself a little treat by doing simpler workouts like aerobics, dancing, or other low impact exercises.  


In conclusion, no one bothers about what exercise you did or how you did it — as long as you get out there and burn some fat. Start with comfortable exercises and slowly work your way up. Give yourselves little treats on the days you’ve been especially good. Slowly, bit by bit, you will embrace the winter cold and look forward to your workouts! And remember, you cannot put a price on fitness and health.

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