5 Tips on Picking The Right Real Estate Agent For Your Property

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The right real estate agent for your property is important because you want them to sell your property with as much benefit on your part as possible. Getting the right price and making sure it’s seen by the right people is very important for many homeowners, so here are some tips for choosing the right real estate for your property.


1. Do Your Research

Doing your research is important because there’s going to be some estate agents that are good and some that aren’t so good. You need to consider their reputation on the market, but you’re only going to get so much from seeing them in person or wandering outside their real estate offices. Make sure you’re doing your research by looking at their history. What do they have in terms of properties, and have any of them sold recently? Do they have good customer reviews on non-biased websites or forums? There’s a lot of background research that’s worth doing so that you’re making the right decision on who you pick to market your home. Think about all the necessary research needed and what questions you might want to be answered when it comes to being a homeowner.


2. Consider Their Books

When selling your property, a good tip to remember is that you should be considering who they have on their books. Whether you’re picking an online estate agent or a portland luxury real estate company, it’s essential that you’re going onto the books of an agent that has similar properties to what they sell and that they’ve got buyers who are after properties like yours to buy. If they haven’t got the right type of properties or the complete opposite and they have so many that look exactly like yours, it might damage your chances.


This is something that you can ask them yourself to see evidence of or online. It’s good to get the full lowdown on who it is you are putting yourself with and that they’re the right move to make.


3. Meet The Estate Agents In Person

In order to get the feel of somebody, it’s important to meet them in person, right? When dealing with estate agents, they’re all different in their approach, and that can reflect the type of personality or attitude that they present towards you. For some, a pushy nature from an estate agent might be a good thing, but for others, they might hate it. It’s worth meeting estate agents in person to get a feel for who they are, and more importantly, if you get on with them. If you don’t get on with them, then what’s the point in attempting to sell your home using that estate agent? If anything, it’s going to make the experience a less enjoyable one all round.


4. Check Their Terms & Conditions

When it comes to their terms and conditions, it’s good to make sure you’re reading these in full and not simply skipping through it. There can often be clauses and hidden charges within the terms and conditions that you might have not been aware of or necessarily told about verbally. With that said, you want to sit down, perhaps with a cup of coffee or glass of wine – whatever your preference – and take a good look at what’s been stated. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, don’t be afraid to ask because a good estate agent will talk through these terms openly and honestly. If you have legal aid available, then it might be worth getting their eyes on it too just so you know you’ve understood everything that has been said.


5. Keep Up With Communications

And finally – communicate. Communication is important because it helps to ensure no wires have been crossed and that you’ve been active on your part. Estate agents are likely to be very busy, and so there’s going to be a priority of where you’re placed on their list. Be sure to keep up regular communications with them in order to help stay in the loop with everything. A lack of conversation can often lead to crossed wires and misunderstandings, so always be sure to pick up any email trails that may have gone cold recently.


Choosing the right real estate property is very important, and it’s one that could seriously influence whether you sell or not. Use these tips to make sure you’re looking after your real estate and putting it in the right hands for it to sell successfully and for the value you want it to sell at.


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