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5 Tips on Throwing the Hottest Oscars Party EVER

 5 Tips on Throwing the Hottest Oscars Party EVER

Written by Josh Di Rocco 

The countdown to the 2014 Academy Awards is nearly over!  By this time, the nominees should have already selected their red carpet couture and finalized their acceptance speeches.  For movie nerds like me, the Oscars are a very big deal.  Arguably the most significant night in cinema, the ceremony unites hundreds of filmmakers from around the world to celebrate the magic of the movies and to commemorate the best films and performances from the preceding year. The glitz and glamour that accompanies the Academy Awards cannot be ignored, and watching Hollywood royalty grace the red carpet while in your pyjamas simply won’t do!  A few years ago I decided to landmark the event by throwing an Oscar Gala of my own.  I’ve compiled five suggestions, based on my experience, to make use of while hosting your own Oscar party.  Follow these tips closely and everyone attending will feel as though they’re celebrating the occasion along with the stars.

1. Games Night

The biggest challenge when throwing an Oscar party is keeping everyone interested in the 3+ hour telecast.  My solution to this problem is simple and effective.  Print off Oscar ballots listing the nominees and invite everyone to guess the winner in each category.  This will keep your company engaged in the show and it makes the award for Best Sound Editing every bit as interesting as Best Actress.  In fashion with the night, ceremoniously award the player with the most correct guesses.  Drinking games are another effortless way to keep people involved.  Every time a presenter says words like “cinematography” or “DiCaprio” have a shot!  By turning the occasion into a games night, you keep everyone invested in one common purpose: winning.

2. Decorate

Adorn your living space with everything film related.  A great place to start is at your local movie theatre, asking for old poster donations to put on display.  The next stop would be the Hollywood section of a party supply store to find decorative dinnerware, fake awards, and even life-size celebrity cut-outs.  Surprisingly, you might find some exceptionally funny film related items at your local dollar store and thrift shop.   And no Oscar party is official without a red carpet!  That finishing touch will be sure to bring out the inner celebrity in all of your guests.

3. Dress Up

Costumes have always been a mandatory element to my parties.  You can simply request that your guests show up in black tie, or encourage imagination by employing themes like “old Hollywood” or memorable movie characters. This is always a highlight to the evening as it brings an elevated level of fun.  Do not forget to award the best dressed of the night.

4. Flashing Lights

No awards show is complete with out the circus spectacular that is the red carpet, and the Paparazzi are always on hand fighting for the perfect shot.  So ask some friends to pose as your paparazzi.  That way you and your guests can walk (and work) the red carpet like professionals.  Take as many selfies and group shots as you can, and create a personalized hashtag to document the night via social media.

5. Fancy Eats

Champagne should always be on hand for an event of this nature, so be sure to stock up on some bubbly.  Put your bartending skills to good use by creating movie themed cocktails like: “American Hustle Juice”, “Gravity and Tonic”, and “12 Years a Scotch”.  Regarding food items, think simple, small, and delicious.  Remember, your guests will be dressed in their finest, so you want to ensure that they will be feasting with ease.  Again, have fun with food names; “Dallas Buyers Club Sandwich” anyone?

Employing these five tips will guarantee a memorable evening for all attending your annual soiree, and your guests will enjoy the fun and excitement of the Academy Awards like never before.   Don’t forget that the Oscars are a celebration of creativity, so get inspired in your own endeavours and please share any successful tips you encounter in our comment section below.  The 86th annual Academy Awards airs on March 2nd, 2014 at 7e/4p and will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Josh Di Rocco regularly reviews and comments on the world of cinema from his perspective from the fourth wall (The “Fourth Wall” is a stage term that defines the space that separates a performer or performance from an audience). He is currently an active member of the arts scene in Toronto, Ontario. He regularly attends the Toronto International Film Festival and spends much of his spare time at the TIFF Bell Lightbox viewing new releases and admiring the classics.  His other passions include travel, style, music, and the theatre.  Follow Josh on both Instagram (@fourthwalljosh) and Twitter (@fourthwalljosh) for regular updates on the Hollywood scene, film reviews, award season, and commentary on everything cinema.

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