5 Tumblr Blogs You Should Be Following

If you’ve ever scrolled across any comments section on any website, you’re proabably  well aware that the internet is easily both the best and worst platform for throwing anonymous shade and/or outright rudeness. Anyone can sit behind a keyboard churning out original content, and some have even managed to make careers out of it (Social Media Correspondent?).

But in the vast internet wasteland that is microblogging platform Tumblr, crammed in between  pictures of hot dog legs and NSFW gifs, there are hidden gems of pure delight; and it’s our job to make sure you’re not missing out. Check out five of our current favorites, and don’t forget to follow us @TheUrbanRealist and check out our Tumblr here.

one tiny hand1. One Tiny Hand

The premise if fairly simple. Look at your hands, now imagine that one, just one, is absurdly smaller than the other. Laughing yet? You will be. It’s everyone from Kanye to Kim Jung Un photoshopped to bizarrely disproportionate perfection and it’s hard to say why, but we stop laughing.

rappers and cereal2. Rappers and Cereal

Maybe we’re getting a bit overzealous or maybe our zeal factor is right on point with this one, but rappers and cereal are quite possibly the greatest pairing since Amy Poehler Baby mama-ed her way into our hearts with Tiny Fey. And, as with all good things, you can get prints on a T-Shirt. Childish Gambin Oh!s anyone?

hot guys and cats3. Des Hommes at Des Chatons

The internet loves a pretty face. But you know what it loves even more? Cats. Put them together and you’ve got Hot Guys and Cats, a time-wasting match made in heaven. You’re welcome.

LL Bean Boyfriend3. Your LL Bean Boyfriend 

They can’t all be winners. Unless of course
this anonymous “they” you’re referring to happens to be your future L.L. Bean catalogue ready boyfriend. It’s the relationship you’ll never have, in all their sport shirt and dress pant glory.

someone ate this4. Someone Ate This

The only thing better than beautiful voyeuristic food photography is painfully, shamelessly, terrible food photography. Don’t expect to images of artfully displayed macaroons or fancy grilled cheeses. It’s a lot less Ratatouille and a lot more Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Hot and Busted5. Hot and Busted

Two weeks later it still seems it’s all anyone can do but talk about inmate and America’s favorite felon crush Jeremy Meeks (more on that later this week). But it looks like Meeks isn’t the only getting attention for his above average looks. Enter Hot and Busted, a prison bae blog where apparently “bad boy” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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