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5 Ways to Enhance Black Lives Matter

5 Ways to Enhance Black Lives Matter

Written by Quasia Elle

1. Education.

We cannot provoke change without knowing what we are asking to change.  Once you open your spirit to information, I believe you will be led to do what is honorably right.  We should be reading autobiographies of people who stood for progress with similar issues, finance and economics, and ways to enrich our spirituality, therefore truly uniting us.

2. Don’t Act by Emotion.

While passion is emotion and devotion that typically works in the realm of productivity, I think we should be conscious of when we’re acting purely from it.  “They” are counting on us to react without thinking.  The upper hand has always been given to them because of this.  People are losing life, times are scary, but progress will not be made if logic isn’t an underlying force.  More life may be lost whether literally, or even to the criminal system if we don’t use our heads to be smart during this time.

3. Elevate Others.

Social media has given us a huge platform to showcase superiority, superficiality, and all emotions synonymous to envy.  Right there is where we will continue to lose if not recognized.  Devastation and despair should not be the only time where we feel obligated to stand with or help one another.  Generosity and kindness should be habitual.  These situations are simple reminders that we can, and will be faced with the same adversaries.

4. Reverse Racism Isn’t the Answer.

The goal is to racially divide us (although the true definition of race is human)… To cause confusion and havoc, because when a nation is in a confused, depressed state is when it falls.  This is also when the nation is open for attack from outside forces; this is not in the word of our higher power.  Although easier said than done because we know the facts of systematic hate and division, we cannot fall to the enemy.  We have to stand united across all cultural backgrounds and religious preferences.

5. Love Yourself.

I stress the importance of knowing, loving, and respecting self because once you truly gain THAT sensitivity; you can acknowledge anyone else with same regards.  We all have our struggles.  Some young women have been sexually disregarded at a young age.  Some young men have been negatively profiled then mentally and physically harassed.  Your situation may have different variables but the emotional impact and fight to overcome is just the same.

Quasia Elle is a Millennial writer from New York. Be sure to check out her Tumblr and follow her on Twitter.

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