5 Ways to Up Your Comfort Level While Traveling

There are few things I love as much as I love traveling. Waking up in new places and seeing some of the world’s most iconic destinations, has taught me so much about the world around me as well as myself. However if I’m completely honest, it’s not always a bed of roses. There are definitely moments where you have to get used to being uncomfortable from time to time. Here are a few tips to help you during those uncomfortable moments. Hopefully these tips will make any discomfort a thing of the past during your next trip!



1. What to Wear On the Flight.


There used to be a time when people would put on their best suit to take a flight. What a total pain in the ass. While there’s still some etiquette when it comes to your in-flight clothing options, the rules are a lot more relaxed. And that means that your outfits can be a lot more relaxing, too. If you’re traveling to a hot destination, you can’t go wrong with linen pants: they’re like pajamas, but you’re able to wear them whenever you feel like it. I personally always where Nike running tights when I travel. Since they’re made by Nike, they’re always well-made and comfortable. They also look more streetwear cozy as opposed to looking like I just left the gym. Perfect!


2. Walking About Town.


Yes, the idea of seeing all of a city’s best attractions is exciting. But let’s be real here: it can also be tiring. Take New York. Who doesn’t want to begin in Chinatown, walk down to Wall Street, over to Greenwich Village, and then up to midtown? It’s an essential New York activity…but one that also causes havoc with your feet. Make sure you have comfortable footwear, and boost your comfort with performance insoles; with these on your feet, you’ll be able to explore all day long without getting tired. Also, remember that jeans can get very uncomfortable if you’re walking all day in hot weather; opt for shorts!


3. In Your Hotel Room. 


If you decided to splurge, then you can skip this section: those five-star hotels will have everything you need. However, if you’re one of us normal peeps, then you might need a little advice on how to stay comfortable in your room. For starters, try to pick a hotel away from the tourist hotspots; aside from being more expensive, these places are usually noisy. And remember: in hot places, it’s worth paying a little more money for air conditioning!


4. Quicker Refreshers.


You’ll rarely have that “just out of a shower; everything feels amazing” feeling when you’re traveling. Instead, make the most of things like baby wipes, water fountains (if they’re clean, refresh the face), and an opportunity to brush your teeth; it can make you feel brand new. I’m going to be releasing a video on my Youtube Channel that launches next month about all of the things I carry in my clear makeup carry-on! Subscribe here!


5. A State of Mind.


Finally, keep in mind that comfort can sometimes be a state of mind. Remember that you signed up for being out of your comfort zone (in more ways than one) when you decided to travel. Stay positive, embrace a little discomfort, and you’ll have a great time.

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