5 Ways To Tell If You Fit the Millenial Stereotype


5 Ways To Tell If You Fit the Millenial Stereotype

Written by  Alexis Ramsey

I am a millennial, and I accept that title proudly. However, it’s no secret that we’ve been bashed lately, and frequently. Let’s address some of those stereotypes.

1. Stereotype 1: Millennials are lazy and entitled.

Eh, some of us are, sure. However, plenty of people are lazy and entitled who aren’t millennials. If you don’t want to be considered a lazy millennial, get up and do something! If you have a job, great! Volunteer your expertise somewhere or for a business that needs it. Volunteer. Read to the mentally challenged. If you don’t have a job, get an internship. There’s no shame in having an internship after college. It’s a stepping-stone and you have to look at it that way. Don’t feel like leaving your house? Fine… attend online webinars, take free online courses, read a damn book. That way, you can tell people, I’m not lazy I focus my time doing this this and this.

2. Stereotype 2: Millennials only care about your product if it’s online.

Yeah, this is mostly true, let’s be honest. We’re Googling and reading reviews before we buy anything. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good television commercial or print advertisement. There is such a thing as being too online. Do not spam our Twitter feed, or take up valuable Facebook news feed space. It’s a matter of time before I’m getting random Snap Chats from advertisers. Marketers wonder why millennials are so hard to reach. It’s because we’re over saturated because you won’t leave us alone!

 3. Stereotype 3: Millennials are arrogant self-centered pricks.

Ouch, I mean… kind of. There are times where we would rather work from home and give you a death stare if we’re plugged in at work and you’re trying to talk to us. That came off harsh… but seriously. Maybe, as millennials we need to remember what human interaction is and appreciate it if someone wants to have a conversation with us. I may not remember your tweet, but I’ll remember when we sat down together and chatted.

4. Stereotype 4: We’ll only work for you if we can work from home.

This is a luxury and it’s certainly starting to be an expectation for recent grads that are supposed to be desperate to get a job and move out of their parent’s house. Learning about the office (or jungle) setting is IMPERATIVE to a millennial’s career. Working in an office helps you learn how to read people and discover how the inner workings of the corporate really happen.

Stereotype 5: We’re always on our phone because we need you to like us, follow us, and listen to us.

Everybody want’s to be liked… but in reality, we’re on our phone because that’s where we get our news, stay in touch with friends and family, beat Candy Crush, and for some us, it’s our job. Social media is a huge part of marketing and keeping up with trends, so if you’re giving a speech and I’m on my phone, it’s because I’m live tweeting your event and making you more popular. Some millennials know the value in building their brand online and obviously social media is a huge component of that.

These stereotypes are just the tip of the iceberg, but I hear them everyday and it’s annoying. Stop bashing us and figure out how we can help you. If you’re a millennial who fits these stereotypes, stop making all of us look bad. Get yourself together and be an awesome millennial! Share this post with your friends and see if they fit the stereotype.

 Alexis Ramsey is a social media and public relations enthusiast who works for a small marketing firm in D.C. focusing on government client work. Alexis is a self-proclaimed movie buff, Twitter junkie, and glitter lover who is always looking to connect and meet new people! She loves to blog and is excited about sharing her stories and finding those who can relate. Follow Alexis on Twitter,@alexismramsey to read about social media tips, millennial problems, and witty banter.


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