5 Ways To Add More Light To Your Space

The lack of natural light is a common complaint in winter. As the days are short and the nights long, homeowners feel their beloved house appear a little darker and gloomier then it should. While the easy solution would be to screw a few brighter light bulbs, it’s fair to say that they won’t replace the feel-good phenomenon you get from natural sunlight. 

You can, however, trick your mind into thinking that the house is brighter than it is, even at the heart of winter! Here are a handful of tips that are going to make a huge difference to your interior and even your mood. 


1. Create an outdoor extension.

Have you ever considered how much difference an outdoor extension can make to the way the light comes into your home? A covered deck can not only make the living room appear much bigger, but it can become a stand-alone room if you can add an electric heater for cold days. As a result, your indoor feels brighter and sunnier, because you can maximize natural light. A professional patio cover company can help you design the perfect outdoor extension to your home. You can even seize the opportunity to discuss electric wiring to turn it into a functional room. 


2. Make the attic more welcoming.

The attic is the most commonly overlooked area in your house. It serves typically no other purpose than additional storage. But, an attic conversion could transform your home in dramatic ways. Indeed, while the loft tends to be dark and isolated, turning it into a room – such as a home office or a bedroom – will naturally bring more light into your house. For a start, the attic itself is going to gain from the addition of windows, which means that the sun can bathe the room and carry on into the lower levels of your home – as long as you leave the door to the former attic open during the day. 


3. Your furniture is your worst enemy. 

Furniture arrangement can transform the atmosphere in a room, not only by bringing the sensation of space but also by creating a path for the light to go through. Blocking walls and windows with your furniture stops the light. 


4. Ban dark colors.

North-facing rooms have a hard time feeling bright and welcoming. That’s precisely why your choice of wall paints is detrimental. You can considerably brighten up a room with a vibrant and lively color that injects new energy to the space. A sunny yellow is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and fill the room with light. However, it’s not an easy color to accommodate, depending on your interior style. Powder blue, soft gray, and pink can be suitable alternatives. 


5. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors everywhere.

Last but not least, a mirror is your best friend. It’s an excellent way of reflecting light and extending the reach of the sun deeper inside your home. Mirrors bring a playful patch of light into the living room, the entrance, and the study, for example. 


You can’t bring your walls down to let the light come in. But you can, with strategic additions to your decor, boost the reach of natural light inside your home, using mirrors, outdoor extensions, and smart furniture placement. Let it be light! 


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