5 Ways to Be Healthier

Ok, so you’re probably fed up with hearing ‘new year, new me’. But if you really want to make a change to yourself this year and better your health, this motto is something that you can keep in the back of your mind. After Christmas, it’s easy to fall into a routine of cooking quick meals and not exercising because the weather is bad. 


But the weather shouldn’t be reflecting on your exercising or eating habits. In fact, if you are finding that you’re constantly eating poorly or not getting out of the house, it’s most likely contributing to you not feeling like yourself. 


To help you to get out of this rut and start the new year off in the best way possible, here are 5 things you can try no matter what your age:

1. Set Yourself Realistic Goals 

Often, you’ll make a health and fitness plan that realistically, you won’t follow through. So, this year, create a plan that you’ll know that you’ll stick to. Start off small and work your way up, whether this is exercising a little more every day or gradually ditching certain types of food. This way, your body won’t feel overwhelmed with the change and you’ll be able to build up the progress. 

2. Ditch The Fried Or Processed Food

There are so many long-term health risks that come with eating too much fried and processed food. Not only does it make you feel run down, but the damaging ingredients can result in conditions such as heart disease. This year, why not ditch it and opt for cleaner, more natural foods. 


By preparing meals from scratch every day your body will start to thank you and you’ll have more energy. Waking up every day feeling as though you’re ready for whatever it throws at you, you’ll start to see the difference that it makes almost immediately. 

3. Try a New Sport 

Now, this might be an obvious one. But it’s one that’s worth mentioning. In 2020, why not take up a fun new sport? Whether this is yoga, swimming, cycling or simply going to the gym regularly, it’s the start to a healthier you. Just remember that if you’re going to the gym to remember all of the gym bag essentials – you don’t want to be caught out!

4. Dress for Success


Following on from the above, to have the motivation to exercise, not only do you have to have the mindset. You also need the right attire. The moment that you put on those gym leggings, you’ll automatically feel more inclined to get out and work out. If you opt for clothes that you wear all the time at home – like joggers, you might not have this same feeling.

5. Enjoy Detox Baths 

Baths don’t only feel great – they also have many health benefits. A detox bath will help to saturate your body and release any bad toxins. Taking a warm bath that’s filled with detox salts or herbs (like rosemary, ginger or parsley), will improve your circulation, have healthier skin and feel more relaxed; leading to a better night’s sleep

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