5 Ways to Bounce Back From Major Setbacks

Let’s face it, life can be hard, and sometimes it’s really difficult to bounce back when you’ve encountered a really big setback. Whether you’ve recently been out of work or have found yourself floundering in a long-term funk, here’s 5 ways to climb back on the ladder and find your way back to some happiness.


Seek Out Support

Remember that you’re not alone in your situation, and there are always people on hand to support you. Even in the darkest of times, where you’re unable to work and your social security benefits have been denied, there is a social security attorney on hand to help you appeal. Depending on your situation, make sure you source legal advice, a support network or group, or simply seek out your close friends and family and let them help you.


Change The Plan

You might have been building a life firmly in the direction of life A, and now your plans have been thwarted and you are hurtling down trajectory Z with no idea how to stop. That’s okay, part of the process is to change your mindset. So what if your immaculately conceived plan didn’t work out? Maybe plan Z is sending you in a different, yet better direction. Accept the change and start making a new plan.


Try Resilience Training

There’s absolutely no shame in seeking advice on how to build resilience. It might be talking through your problems with a therapist, or even testing the waters of resilience training by trying a free online masterclass. Resilience training can help you adjust to life’s changes, or at the very least provide a change of scenery by giving the chance to try something new. Try and persevere for the first few sessions, as you might not really feel the benefits until you are a few weeks or classes into the program.


It’s Not Your Fault

You are not directly responsible for everything that goes wrong in your life. The fun twists and turns of fate might have dealt you a bad hand. The only thing you can really control is how you react to it. Simple steps like eating healthily can give you back an element of control in your life to stop you from blaming yourself. Instead, you might finally start praising yourself for taking control and looking out for you.


Stop Being Your Biggest Setback

If you’ve already read every one of these steps and thought ‘Yes, but …’ then you might be your own biggest setback. Your biggest enemy is the voice in your head telling you you aren’t good enough. You might squash this voice by acknowledging its existence but ignoring it, taking steps towards resilience training or taking control over the little things you can control, like diet.


The most important thing to do is be kind to yourself, and hopefully by following the steps above you can progress to a more peaceful place. It’s natural to be flummoxed by big setbacks, but it’s how we react to them that we’ll often remember in the future. Here’s to a powerful and strong 2020 for everyone.

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